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  • Overly complicated! When I open a tab group, and then close one of the tabs, that tab is PERMANENTLY removed from the group! WTF? If I wanted to remove it from the group I would have said so! I JUST wanted to close it!
  • Привет. Отличный аддон на новый ФФ! А возможно сделать, чтобы после закрытия вкладки НЕ переключалось на другую группу? И по alt-tab тоже. Ужасно бесит, ты альтабнулся и уже другая группа загружается.
  • Great work.
  • Juste génial, ça faisait vraiment longtemps que je cherchais ce genre de plugin. Fonctionne à la perfection. Merci au développeur
  • this is by far one of the best addons on here! finally I can bring some order into my forest of open tabs...
  • Extensions already have Load-Next-Group, Load-Prev-Group shortcuts, but no Load-Last_Active-Group shortcuts.

    Load-Last_Active-Group shortcut is the most frequently used shortcut. But not now.

    It is hoped that developers will see this evaluation.
  • The groups change automatically as you open and close tabs. That's not very useful.
  • Great add-on that definitely satisfies the niche after tab groups was removed by default. I like that it helps mitigate the problem of having too many windows open by allowing those tab instances to stay alive but remain hidden.

    Feature suggestions.
    I enjoy the option "Create a new group when opening a new window!" So, here are some suggestions for window options that may go along with it: "open a new group in a new (or the current) window defaults" to speed up workflow, and "delete (or ask for the name of) a(n unnamed) group when closing a window" to reduce the accumulation of unused groups when opening and closing windows. You could also replace this option with one to "delete groups with zero tabs" or otherwise keep track of groups that have been opened by New Window. Another option could be to "

    *update* I use this almost exclusively in one window now and it works really well with Sidebars. Thanks for the excellent work!
  • Hello, could you sign your add-on, because this add-ons is no more available since Forefox has desactivated every add-ons non signed. Thank you.