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  • Is there any plan to update this extension to firefox 57+ (quantum) ?

    I've been using this one for years now and I can't see myself going back to resizing pictures in an image editor before uploading them :)
  • didn't work with 49.0.1
  • I am disappointed! This program didn't work with gmail using Firefox 41.0.2. I tried it with both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.
  • Works very good with attachments, but not so great with photo's added to the body of an email. No biggie. I donated a little as I'd like to see this plugin stay and improve. The only 'ask' that I would have is the ability to see the size (in mb) of the pics before I hit 'send' and also the ability to resize each picture individually. Right now, the 'options' menu allows you to cycle through each photo and see the change (in pixels), but only one resize option is available and applies to all photos. 'Reduce by x %' for each photo showing the 'before size' and 'after size' would make this add-on worth more :). Less math for me to do in my head. Great work.
  • Just downloaded this add-on today. Tested it out in many different ways and it realy works great! It saves me hell of a lot of time!
    The only little confusing thing at the start is that one can only apply shrinking 'after' pressing the Send button. So you can add like 10 pictures of 5Mb each as an attachment, press the Send button and only then you are offered to choose in which size you want the pics to be send. Any size is possible, also the original if one might sometimes wish. And it realy shrinkes it from 50MB to something between 1 and 5MB, depending on your choice.
    Because I hope the developer will keep up the developement with upcoming versions of TB, I supported with a small donation. Hope others will contribute a bit too, so we will be able to enjoy this add-on for many more years.
  • Great Add-on - when it works ...

    It sometimes simply doesn't recognize when Images are dragged and dropped into a Compose Window.

    When it works it's wonderful!

  • In this version I have not found the No Resize buttons. I can only maximize the resize dimensions. And if i no want to resize the images, and the picture is bigger than 2500x2500 i must to turn off this addon. Please write back to tha addon this feature, no resize. Thank you.
    Sorry, this was a mistake and I will be fixing it soon.
  • I use this add-on because it is about the only image resizer extension available for thunderbird. However, if often fails to offer to resize the images when importing an image. It also often pops up when we don't want to resize any images. I do not see why image resizing should be "automatic" (triggered when images are imported) instead of just adding an option when we click the image to resize it. Moreover, since it often fails, and because a user can change his mind, it should be possible to resize an image even after it is imported, which doesn't seem to be the case right now.
  • This add-on does not work on big images, which is what it is supposed to do, no? Images get converted to garbage when the original has more than 3Mpx (2000x1500), i.e. most images that come out of a modern camera.
    I tested this by scaling the same image, and only when I made it small enough did it pass. When I then resized it to make it bigger it once again got messed up.
    PLEASE CORRECT THIS as this is a very useful extension to have when it works !!!!
  • Doesn't Work on my Thunderbird 17.0.5...
    The resized files are corrupted..
  • I've been using this add-on for years, it's a must-have.

    However, in version 3.0.1 it started rotating some pictures in an erratic an unpredictable way. I hope this will be fixed soon.
  • OK I finally got this to install!
    Major gripe - it does not resize attachments.
    Minor gripe - the settings would be better accessed from the TB menus rather than via Add-on Manager. After all the functionality being supplied is pretty mainstream usage.

  • Iiiiiii like this Add-On! Try it too!
    When you send your mail with images, you can automaticly choose what the image size will be. Your mail is smaler with this tool seriously and will be quicklier sended, perfect for mobile users.
  • It is a very handy thing to send multiple photos as attachments. I used to have a different one for earlier versions of T-Bird, but it was discontinued.At the moment we use this on two Win XP computers and we both have the problem that it places all the sent items in LocalSettings/Temp making it huge (I mean Gigs of rubbish) after a while. It would make the add-on much more desirable and better if it cleaned up after itself.
    I'll look into doing something about that. You must send a LOT of photos for that to be an issue though!
  • Even works on images dragged and dropped into messages. Very convenient.
  • running tbird 3.1.6. downloaded and installed resizer 2.7 with ease. i sent an email to myself with 40 photos reduced to 500x500. worked perfectly. i tried it again to send a bunch of pics to my sis. resizer appeared to run smoothly but the message was too large to send. retried to send to myself and was only able to send 4 photos (13megapixel). pictures were sent as full size--the resizer appeared to run smoothly. unistalled from add-ons, restarted and reinstalled several times and was never able to send resized files again. i'm not sure what happened. it quit working properly about the same time i saved my sis's email to drafts with the resized pics.
  • This extension easily performs an essential task if you commonly attach photos or jpeg images to your e-mails.
  • This extension easily performs an essential task if you commonly attach photos or jpeg images to your e-mails.
  • This works very well and is very straightforward for resizing images attached to messages in Thunderbird.

    However, as another reviewer has mentioned, it doesn't work for inline images. Would that be a possibility?
  • Excellent add-on, does a great job with re-sizing the images, but recently it is also croppign the images and losing key portion of the image. Not sure what changed or what interaction with iPhoto/Thunderbird may have changed how it works.
    Sorry, I broke it. I don't know how long it's been broken or how I never noticed it, but it's now fixed and v2.6.1 is available. Click on "view all versions" at the bottom of the addon page if a reviewer hasn't got to it yet.
  • RE:Errors loading Images
    After downloading the beta version it seems this issue is resolved. This addon rocks my world !!! thanks
  • I have it running on a mac and osx 10.6.3 with new Thunderbird and for the best it is a fantastic idea, however im getting a problem, when i click send it comes up and shows a "loading images" and will not let me click the ok, if i click cancel on that and then click send again it lets me click the ok button to send the email. Thank you anyhow, will continue to use this even so, hope it gets a fix however
  • I've installed 2.0.1 on Windows 7 and Thunderbird 3.0.4. When sending mail, an error like "Temporary file cannot be opened, check Temporary directory preference". The second time Send button is pressed, there's no error.
    I'm not sure what's causing that, or how to fix it, but I do know about it. Try the beta channel version and let me know if there's any improvement.
  • Great extension.
    Could it be possible to have support for other image files types like .PNG ?
  • This is just what I need but sadly it can't shrink in-line pics so no use for me until addition of this feature, hope you consider my request.