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  • I used Tab Sidebar previously and it sorta slowed my system down when dealing with dozens of tabs, yours doesn't have this problem.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I've only been using Firefox Showcase for a few days now, but I have been thoroughly impressed with its execution, interface, and operation.

    The depth and detail of customization available in the Options menu is unusual for a FireFox extension. It's clear from using Showcase, and reviewing its lengthy development history, that the author has devoted a lot of TLC and attention to detail to bring it to its present advanced state.

    I often have a dozen tabs open at a time, doing research and collecting news stories. It's great to be able to click the little Showcase arrow at the right end of the tab bar and instantly get the big picture, with every tab faithfully represented in clickable miniature in a thoroughly customizable tab or window, as you like.

    Running Firefox in Windows Vista, FF Showcase has been flawless so far. Anyone who appreciates well-executed software or runs more than half a dozen tabs or windows at a time should check it out!