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Half of the very low ratings are about version compatibility. Update your Firefox to see this work for you.

It sends things, and I like the interface - it's really improved since I uninstalled this a year ago. It's straightforward and friendly.

However: once I've sent something, it freezes the page to any further Keyevents. I can't scroll up or down via the arrowkeys, ctrl-tab, ctrl-w, ctrl-t, etc. If I have to stop and click on something every time, why am I bothering with hotkeys?

I wish it didn't break something I'm continuously reminded about. I'd change my review to give 5 stars.

It would also be a great if there were a hotkey to toggle a checkbox to turn off/ on archiving. As is, if I decide that I /did/ like that article enough to keep it, I have to upload it onto my computer's hard drive, Dropbox, or Google, where my Kindle is sad because it can't easily reach it anymore.

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