Endorsing yet another suggestion Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I was reading the reviews that other people have writtenfor Selected Search and I found this one to be good - "One suggestion: add a "copy" icon, so when selecting text you're not intending to search, the pop-up doesn't become useless."

If you can give us the Option to set one of the buttons on the grid as a "Copy" button, then we'd be able to copy text faster than we already can by selecting the text and then doing a Ctrl+C.

You could even think of adding the same functions as the "Addmoretexttoclipboard" addon and probably also the "Copy as plain text" addon . This will mean that you'd give us three optional buttons. One for Copy, Second for Copy as plain text, Third for Append to clipboard with newline.

I understand that your addon is a Search addon. But these functions can make yours the king of all addons(apart from Tab Mix plus that is!). Just Sayin!!

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