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Thanks a lot for being so responsive. About suggestion 2 in my previous review.

I could not check how the middle click works because I use a laptop that has no middle click on it. I have checked extensively, there seems to be absolutely no way to middle click on this ASUS laptop. I imagine that this would be an issue that other people also face.

I'd have a couple of suggestions if you'd like to change this. Apart from the Left click and Middle click, you can probably
1. Also provide an option to configure the Right click.
2. OR Ctrl+Lclick on the grid keeps the grid shown so that you can make additional clicks on it
3. OR a keyboard hotkey to keep the grid shown till you dismiss it using the same hotkey
4. OR an option among the preferences to add a "Pin" or "Stay on top" button to the grid. Pressing this button keeps the grid shown till it is unpinned.

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