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Absolument pas essentiel, mais néanmoins fantastique, car il s'avère utile dans les sites où la boîte de recherche est toute petite ou difficile à trouver. La seule toute petite amélioration que j'aimerais c'est de pouvoir redimensionner la boîte de dialogue, soit dans une préférence chrome, soit idéalement à la volée comme pour la boîte de recherche de Firefox.

In a nutshell (for non-French-speaking users): not essential, but wonderful addition to my URL bar.

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Hi, I would not say that it is a must have one but it is really useful and you will actually save time avoiding to search for the right place of any Website search engine on any Web page.

@cK-LFC: using commas for separating modifier keys while redefining the query shortcut does not work with a French localized version of Firefox and/or a French mapped keyboard. But space key does it right! Thanks so much!

Cheers from France

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Je viens de tester avec une version française de Firefox et un clavier français et n'ai pas rencontré de problème avec la virgule.

Veillez à ce qu'il n'y ait pas d'espace après la virgule (exemple: "control,alt" et non "control, alt").

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Well, it has occurred to me often recently that a plugin which automatically guesses which is the search field would be just amazing, and here one is!
Thankyou so much. With this and ad block plus I couldn't wish for more. Oh, actually a plugin that does the same for locating forward and back buttons in galleries would be great. Let's see if someone c=hasn't already come up with one..

Thanks again!

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (0.34.1-signed). 

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How did you do this?
It's just amazing.

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What would also work and be very helpful is if you just integrated your Search This Site Search Bar into Firefox 4's already there by default Google Search Bar. One less bar and still quick access to it would be very nice. Give us an option to do that at least while not taking away the actual second search bar for those that would like to keep it.

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The SearchThisSite search bar and the Google search bar have two entirely different functionalities. Combining the two would mean having to add an option to toggle between the two functionalities, which would be counter-intuitive.

How about combining the location (address) bar and Google search bar into one with Omnibar ( You would no longer have the Google search bar and have the SearchThisSite Search Bar instead.

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C'est un bon début, mais la possibilité de changer le raccourci-clavier (pour un Ctrl+Shift+F) par exemple serait un plus.
Peut-être pour la future version ?

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