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hello cska133,

the redirection could be caused by your user-agent setting which probably contains the string MSIE. Sorry, but usually those visitors of my pages are spam robots.
Thank you for the suggested formfill configuration! It does exactly what I need.

I also tried miscellaneous settings to exclude suggestions not starting with typed letters, but had no success. Anyway, I found that setting boundaryWeight to e.g. 100 (while bucketSize is set to default) will prefer suggestions starting with typed letters. Those suggestions then are placed on top of the list.

The Searchbar Autocomplete Order add-on indeed only shows suggestions beginning with typed letters. But it even excludes multi-word suggestions where the matching word is not at first position: e.g. if you type co, it will not(!) match "about config" but it would match "config about".

However, Searchbar Autocomplete Order no longer works with Firefox 4, they completely rewrote the suggestions code and I think it's a quite big deal to update the override code of the Searchbar Autocomplete Order add-on.

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (2.2). 

Update: Compatible version available Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

This add-on is still needed since adjusting the about:config formfill preferences cannot provide a really consistent sort order: Most recent: first or last, alphabetically. For example I would need most recent first, meaning sorted consistent by time.

A Firefox compatible version of Searchbar Autocomplete Order is available here (scroll down to the very bottom):
I am also developer on AMO (

Alternatively the current sort algorithm is configurable with the preferences browser.formfill. and works as follows (from

Frecency Calculation:
a = timesUsed
b = lastUsed - firstUsed
c = lastUsed multiple
d = agedBonus (for entries that have survived expiration)
frecency = a/b * c * d

* browser.formfill.
o agedWeight - multiply the score by this value for entries that have
survived expiration
o boundaryWeight - how much weight (in %) to add to word boundary matches
o bucketSize - range of relevancy values to group together and sort
o maxTimeGroupings - maximum number of timeGroupingSize units to give a bonus
o prefixWeight - multiply the score by this value for exact prefix matches
o timeGroupingSize - number of seconds in a time container

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (2.2).