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  • It does not work in FF57. Are you planning to update it?
    Please do!!!
  • 怎么切换成Google搜索?默认好像就是百度啊。
    On Firefox main menu bar, select 'Tools > Add-ons' to open the Add-ons Manager. Then click on the 'Options' button for Search Site WE to open the Search Site WE Options. Choose the search engine that you want to use and then click on the 'Save' button.
  • Meaning to write a greasemonkey script to do this. Just wish there was a preference option to force the results to open in a new tab (instead of doing the shift thing).

    Edit: LOL... just read the same comment and solution below. Still wish the option had of been in the preferences tho.
  • 特别喜欢这插件,真是有才,很使用。。作者我爱死你了。I love you...
  • There is nothing more to say :) The addon works great and does exactly what I need. I would just love to see one little (I hope:) adjustment. Recently I started using the Beyond Australis addon that combines url bar with search bar and the two are not compatible. Is it possible to add such feature to have the Search Bar icon in the (unified) address bar and assign and additional keyboard shortcut to it (other than Ctrl+Enter as this one has different function in address bar)? It would be great :) Thanks once again for this great addon, it's an amazing time saver.
  • Love it!
  • Great tool. Everything has been thought to make searching a site a breeze. Even handles old as new Search Bar, not to mention the user's choice to select among his search engines those which will handle the search site functionality.
    Compact, well thought and carried out. Nice.
  • How to open search in new tab by default without holding keyboard buttons?
    You can open the search results in a new tab by default by setting the 'browser.search.openintab' preference to 'true' in the 'about:config' configuration page.
  • My favorite extension, but I am having the same problem as others using "Classic Theme Restorer" + Old Search in FF43 - no site search icon in the search box. On the bright side, the issue made me re-read the site search directions and I can get the same result as I used to get with the icon by pressing "control-enter"
    Search Site 6.0 has been redesigned so that it is now fully compatible with the 'Old Search' option in Classic Theme Restorer.

    Search Site 6.0 provides a new option to always show the Search Site icon in the search bar.
  • I have the same issue as Bioenergy123. I use Classic Theme Restorer with 'old search' enabled. With FF 43 I no longer see the search-this-site button at the right-hand side of the search box, which means that the best feature of Search Site is gone.
    Search Site 6.0 has been redesigned so that it is now fully compatible with the 'Old Search' option in Classic Theme Restorer.

    Search Site 6.0 provides a new option to always show the Search Site icon in the search bar.
  • Hi,
    with or without Classic Theme Explorer (and relative old search bar setting enabled), the Search-Site icon on bar is missing since Firefox 43. I miss it from the first minute it disappeared....
    Search Site 6.0 has been redesigned so that it is now fully compatible with the 'Old Search' option in Classic Theme Restorer.

    Search Site 6.0 provides a new option to set the visibility of the Search Site icon in the search bar:
    - always show
    - always hide
    - automatically show/hide (auto)

    On first installation, Search Site 6.0 sets this option to 'auto', which only shows the icon in the search box after the user types the first character of the search terms.
  • It works.
    Search within your site.

    >Note, with Firefox 36.0 or later, the Search Site icon is not visible in the search bar until the first character of the search terms has been typed.
    To initiate a search of the default domain using the icon in the search bar, first type the search terms into the search bar and then click on the Search Site icon.
    Search Site 6.0 provides a new option to always show the Search Site icon in the search bar.
  • Site Search yields better results than most websites' internal search engine, yet it is easier to use and overview.

    Excellent add-ons – especially Print Edit!

    Search Site is also essential
    however, after Mozilla has removed the effect of browser.search.showOneOffButtons false
    and Classic Theme Restorer (CTR) added an option called "Old search" in CTR settings group General UI (1)
    the green icon of Site Search disappeared.

    Please take a look at this and resolve the issue.
    I have to post this bug report here since I cannot find any support section or contact for the add-on / author.
    Search Site 6.0 has been redesigned so that it is now fully compatible with the 'Old Search' option in Classic Theme Restorer.
  • Firefox verision 41.0.1.
    When I type any word in the search bar,
    the search engines grid cannot be shown as usual.
    Even if I click the buttion to select the search engine , the grid cannot be shown either.
    This problem is fixed in Search Site 5.7.
  • To the dev: the fix doesn't solve the problem with FF 41 on Mac OS (the search bar is unusable with Search Site activated, actually Search Site works but not the search engines!). Thanks.
    Cannot reproduce any problems with search bar on Firefox 41.0 on Mac OS X.

    Is it the search engine buttons that don't work for you?
  • Just a heads up for the dev, this breaks the search bar with the most recent changes to Fx43
    This problem is fixed in Search Site 5.6, which is fully compatible with Firefox 43 and previous versions.
  • Simple but great !
  • I've add several search engines (e.g. https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/always-com-googlecom-in-englis/ , https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/startpage-ssl/ ) which are capable of searching sites, but they can't be right-clicked to show the Search Site popup menu at the one-off Search Engine buttons.
    This issue is fixed in Search Site 5.5. There is now a list of installed search engines in the Search Site Options dialog, and for each search engine you can specify whether it is capable of searching within a site. To be capable of searching within a site, a search engine must recognize the 'site:' keyword in the search terms.
  • But nothing in fact as long as Firefox's Search Bar (new or old) is made available. And indeed Firefox (37.0.1 here) has the Search Bar on the browser by default. So no point to incriminate 'Search Site' which runs and performs flawlessly.

    Nevertheless a little dream -- not even a suggestion because not legitimate -- a simple wish that 'Search Site' could handle a Firefox GUI scheme where the Search Bar has been integrated to the URL Bar.

    Here I've opted for that urlbar/searchbar combination with an add-on called Foobar. Everything runs smoothly and if I've decided to keep this option and dedicated add-on it is for a personal taste rather than for an obvious universally recognized reason : users may and most likely may have another approach. But.. for those as myself who have abandoned the Search Bar and who wish nevertheless to have access to a site search utility such as 'Search Site', the issue is a pain, rather : I truly miss the ability to have a dedicated search site running without the Search Bar!

    Therefor... (drums!) if 'Search Site' could provide an option to add its search icon to the URL bar (for those who have abandoned the Search Bar of course) then I'd say "Why not Santa surfin' USA?!"

    You see, just a sweet dream. I understand this is no more.
    The idea of a 'Search Site' icon in the URL bar will be considered for the next major release.

    In the meantime, Search Site 5.3 will be released in the next few days. This version fixes several significant bugs that prevented some of the features working as intended with the new search bar,
  • On Firefox 35.0 working like a charm,thank you! :-)
  • I've used this add-on without issue in Palemoon 25.x and Firefox 32+ (haven't upgrade to 34, yet) for quite some time. I tried all, but maybe 1 or 2, of the other site searches and this one had more of the options I wanted, than any other, including the unobtrusive design. This thing is pretty sweet and a must-try.

    I absolutely love the ability to change domain and sub-domain on-the-fly.... the only thing this add-on is really missing, is the ability to alter the search, also, "on-the-fly" to be enclosed in quotes or not (as is, you have to go to options to change that). Other than that, the only other "minor" request that I'd make is for the middle-click to load a new tab in the background, as opposed to foreground, but that's very minor.
    Being able to change the "enclosed in quotes" option on-the-fly is a good idea, but finding a nice user interface for this feature may be difficult. The simplest way would be to add two more menu items, "Within subdomain (in quotes)" and "Within entire domain (in quotes)", to the popup menu, but this feels a bit clumsy. Using combinations of Alt, Ctrl & Shift keys would be awkward, because all the simple combinations are already used to redirect the search results.
  • Has worked great since I started using it several versions back. Developer is responsive and clearly knows what he's doing ta boot.
    Search Site 5.0 will be released shortly and will provide:

    - full integration with the drop-down search panel in Firefox 34
    - a powerful new feature in the drop-down search panel to add "search within site" to any search
    - full backwards compatibiliy with earlier versions of Firefox (working like Search Site 4.4)
  • I was searching for that sort of extension for so long... Thank you, thank you very much! So simple and so useful, it's great!
  • I wish it used the browser.search.openintab setting found in about:config
    In the search box, Search Site's (green) magnifying glass icon works in the same way as Firefox's normal (blue) magnifying glass icon. You can use modifier keys when clicking the icon to alter where the search results are displayed. For example, Ctrl+Click will open the search results in a new foreground tab. The same modifier keys can be used when clicking on the Search Site context menu item.

    For a full description, please refer to the add-ons homepage:
  • Hope we can use this with omnibar.Thank you for your hard work !