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  • Thank you. Works better than the middle scroll feature built into my mouse. Your addon provides better control of scrolling. Four stars only because I was expecting to see a floating green up/down arrow to replace the transparent floating arrow built into the mouse. This removes the transparent up/down arrows completely. Not a deal breaker. Functionally five-stars. Thx x2
  • A very worthy rendition of Marc Boullet's original Scrollbar Anywhere extension. Thank you!

    I love the tip you've provided on the "About this extension" page on how to get this working on addons.mozilla.org. I've applied the same technique to support.mozilla.org too.
  • tank you
  • Very useful and i thank you for develop this extension!
  • thanks good add-on. but the cursor doesnt change when scrolling on my firefox(56.0.2 64bit).
  • Works great! Without this add-on I would be much less productive! Works on Gnome 3 on Linux with Firefox 60 without problems. Thanks a lot!

    You can contact me on my support e-mail. Also make sure to check the description section with known bugs - for example that the add-on doesn't work on the mozilla pages (due to security). Also after installing the add-on you may need to refresh the pages to enable it.

    Anyway I just tested it in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS using Firefox 60.0.1 (64-bit) using default values (middle button) and it seems to work fine.
    In cases like this it's usually something easy and obvious, or maybe some other add-on is using the middle mouse click event...

    Best regards,

    Juraj Mäsiar
  • Works well. Useful extension. Thanks.
  • Almost perfect but still 5 stars.When I enlarge any pic,then click to drag,then let go of mouse button image goes back to small/normal size.I would like to let go of button without image going back to default.Hope this makes sense and perhaps you can fix.
  • Great addon. Could there be a toggle in the button to turn it on or off. Sometimes, it breaks some input box and it is a bit cumbersome to go into the addon settings to turn it on or off.

    I will be releasing new version soon that will finally contains toggle switch in toolbar pop-up and toggle hot-key as well.

    Until then, you can also setup also keys, that disables my add-on while being hold, like Ctrl or Alt or Shift. You can set it up in Options page.

    I hope this helps for now.

    Have a nice day :)

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • Picks up where GrabAndDrag left off -- from an incredibly responsive developer. Great work!
  • Makes the touchscreen on my Dell 2-in-1 usable with Firefox on Ubuntu! Thank you so much!
  • It all started with Marc Boullet's "ScrollbarAnywhere" extension, many years ago. That extension only worked on Firefox, and stopped working a few times after new versions of Firefox were released. I tried switching to other browsers, but couldn't use them conveniently without that extension. I had a huge conversation about it on the Opera forums, tried a weak knockoff for Chrome, but nothing compared to the good old ScrollbarAnywhere. That is, nothing compared until ScrollAnywhere appeared! Now, this is exactly what I want! Juraj has done something amazing here, and forever saved the beautiful functionality I've missed from ScrollbarAnywhere. Thank you so much, Juraj!
  • Just perfect! I mean nearly. ;)

    The only tiny complain I have is when I'm using grab & drag and let the mouse button go (so that the page scrolls on its own) there is a noticeable stutter.
  • Just registered here in order to rate this very useful extension and propose a feature.

    I use it with a Thinkpad X200T convertible (stylus screen, no touch). I use the experimental left click option and it performs quite well. The only problem is just that when the cursor is not completely stopped while clicking on buttons inside websites (which are not text fields), the extension interprets the click as the beginning of a scrolling gesture and clicking fails. I have two proposals to tackle this problem:

    1. An easy option to switch the extension on and off (a switch directly in the context menu of the extension's icon in Firefox's toolbar). I only use it in the tablet mode so I would like to switch it off in laptop mode.
    2. An (adjustable) threshold of a minimum cursor speed which leads to the beginning of a scroll gesture. If the cursor is not fast enough, the mouse down event should be considered a click, not the beginning of a scrolling gesture.

    But other than this minor problem the extension works very well!
  • Works great, really like the numerous settings. I'm using this on my Linux laptop which doesn't support OS-wide touchscreen scrolling yet, so this is perfect for Firefox.
  • I'm using this for my FF linux which doesn't support touch screen gestures yet. I'm using the experimental left click to scroll option seing how the touch only has that capacity in FF. It works more or less smoothly and alot of effort has been put into this extension. My only issue that to get left click scroll you have to sacrifice some of the ability to highlight. It would have been nice to have a non-keyboard centric way of disabling the scrolling, a button for the top bar for example.
  • Je retrouve la possibilité de pouvoir faire défiler une page avec ma souris sans utiliser les barres latérales ni la roulette.
    C'est super agréable.
    Néanmoins, quand je suis entrain de taper un commentaire Youtube, je ne peux pas cliquer dans une partie précédente de mon texte : mon curseur ne veut pas s'y insérer, je dois désactiver l'extension pour avoir de nouveau mon curseur repositionnable à souhait.
  • Works great so far! Thanks! So far I was using "Grab and drag", but sadly it does not support Firefox 57+ at the moment. Luckily, I found your add-on and it's nice that it has virtually the same capabilities.

    I have a suggestion that you may implement in a future version:

    When a page is being scrolled up or down with the infinite momentum enabled, it will be helpful if we can dynamically control the speed of the momentum by rotating the mouse wheel (scroll wheel) up or down. Example: If we scroll the page so that we see the content from top to bottom direction (scroll bar goes from top to bottom), rotating the mouse wheel upwards will decrease the momentum speed depending on how many "steps" of wheel rotation where used, while rotating the mouse wheel downwards will increase the momentum speed. This could be optional so that people don't get upset with the changes to something they already got used in the past. Also, it will be nice if the upwards/downwards action can be reversed, because some people may prefer to increase or decrease the momentum the reverse way. A left-click, middle-click or right-click will stop the movement of the page.
  • Great alternative to Grab and Drag.
  • Круто теперь и левая кнопка есть и всё работает!!!
  • good!
  • Great extension, as graphics tablet user there were two extension crucial for me to switch to 57. This is one of them. Thank you very much for creating it!
  • Great addon, works like a charm, with every aspect adjustable and customizable.
    In the known issues, I'm missing one "page" though, where it somehow doesn't work: Reader Mode.
  • Exellent replacement of Grab & Drag plugin