85 notes
  • scriptsafe settings is gone after i use ccleaner/bleachbit/wise cleaner. why?
  • Excellent for blocking sites that bounce you to the far corners of the world without your permission.
  • It took me awhile to whitelist all the sites I regularly use, but after that, ScriptSafe is a joy to use. It has helped me block several malicious scripts. I recommend getting a script blocker if you are online period.
  • After a while, delete allmy settings and block everything,i remove this shitty addon
  • After working fairly well for several months, Scriptsafe has flamed out and started dropping all my settings and just blocking everything. I've spent an unreasonable amount of time unblocking scripts on very commonly used sites. Going to have to move on to something else.
    Script safe just erased all my script settings again. Bye.
  • This is a really great addon. but it is missing "RECT" detection. Ex: https://browserleaks.com/rects
    No option for block or spoof "RECT" detection.

    1. Please add Spoof for "RECT" detection.
    2. Please add Spoof Local and X-Forward IP's with Custom and Random.

    This addon also last updated on Dec 12, 2017. I hope you consider my suggestions and release new version with these options as soon as possible.

    Thank you.
  • Will be reseted every time after cleaning caches, cockies, forms,...
    Not usable with this situation.
    Works well with chrome and opera.
  • I wanted to give a rating for this a long time ago.
    I really do not understand complaints against addons like this for breaking sites, Do not people realise that addons that give options can be un0pted for a website instead of having to uninstall the addon ,Or even just click the disable option for that webSite.
    I do not have problems with DuckDuckGo & if it does not load then you can just press the allow main script for it on toolbar, I really hope AndRYou has not totally forsaken this addon & can find time to update it where needed as it was to me a great all in one security tool that I still install even though its getting old without any updating & some things do not seem to work, but I give it 5Stars for the things that do.
  • This POS add-on keeps resetting and I have to re-teach it which sites are okay and which aren't. Wasn't too bad the first time it happened, but after the second time, come on... Uninstalling. User BEWARE!
  • It probably works well with Chrome, but not so well with Firefox.
  • I really don't know how to rate this.
    For me, it's unusable, as it blanks out every web page I've tried to use since installing this - including erasing every link on my Duckduckgo search engine. Seems to do fine with Bing. But I use the former.
    I tried to whitelist, trust and allow in the options, but to no avail. All blank.
    With that said, and me not being able to get onto any website, I suppose that this addon is doing what it's supposed to do - prevent me from being tracked, right??? :/
  • Synchronization!
  • I almost only uses functions in "Fingerprint Protection" part now, because blocking script by domain could be replaced by more powerful yet easy-to-use uMatrix. I'd advise this extension be called "TrackSafe" "APISafe" etc, focusing on block/spoof API by domain. :)

    Also I'd advise you remove that MyWOT.com rating button setting, as MyWOT.com is untrustworthy.

    P.S. Doesn't work on Android 5.1.1 (Firefox Nightly 66.0a1), option page keeps refreshing but displays nothing.
  • Best privacy plugin amongst all browsers. BUT it's not transparent: won't show you what it blocked in popup window or log in most cases. Very hard to debug what was blocked. that's a long term experience.