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Pourquoi le module Screengrab a-t-il été créé ?

Screengrab grew out of boredom at a job many years ago. Firefox extensions were still new, and I wanted to do something brilliant: a visual history tool, similar to what Apple put into Safari last year (I'm way ahead of my time). Screenshots were needed, so I made them happen. It turned out to be harder than I thought (and took more work hours than I expected). When I had it working it occurred to me that it might be slightly useful to testers, web-developers or just people that wanted to save an online receipt or something. So I released it. Hooray!

Prochaine étape pour Screengrab

Development's been a bit slow since the arrival of my daughter.
There's a huge list of feature requests at the Google code site, so that's where to head to take a look.

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