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  • 5 Stars for the Addon without data collection.
    -2 stars for removing versions (either by Mozilla due to the reviews/data collection issues, or author)
    -1 star for no ownership of whom removed versions.
    -1 star for not replacing with fixed versions if removed by Mozilla, or explaining if removed by Author.

    I would have removed the last star as well if it were possible.

    Since the author is playing as if they don't know what is being discussed even though the text for the addon mentions and even links to a removed version, here is a list of removed versions that I know of:
    WebExt Versions:
    Version 2.16 Released Sept. 11, 2018 160.3 KiB
    Version 2.14 Released May 19, 2018 160.3 KiB
    Version 2.13 Released May 16, 2018 160.4 KiB
    Version 2.12 Released April 24, 2018 159.1 KiB
    Version 2.11 Released Jan. 2, 2018 150.2 KiB
    Version 2.9 Released Nov. 29, 2017 149.9 KiB
    Version 2.8 Released Nov. 29, 2017 149.8 KiB
    Version 2.7 Released Nov. 9, 2017 147.3 KiB
    Version 2.6 Released Nov. 7, 2017 146.9 KiB
    Version 2.5 Released Oct. 12, 2017 149.7 KiB
    Version 2.4 Released Oct. 3, 2017 143.7 KiB
    Version 2.3 Released Oct. 2, 2017 143.2 KiB
    Version 2.2 Released Sept. 30, 2017 143.2 KiB
    Version 2.1 Released Sept. 29, 2017 143.2 KiB

    XUL Versions:
    Version 0.99.12 Released Sept. 13, 2017 155.2 KiB
    Version 0.99.11 Released June 2, 2017 161.7 KiB
    Version 0.99.10c Released March 31, 2017 158.9 KiB
    Version 0.99.09c Released March 29, 2017 158.7 KiB
    Version 0.99.07c Released Dec. 8, 2016 157.9 KiB
    Version 0.99.06c Released Sept. 9, 2016 156.0 KiB
    Version 0.99.05c Released Aug. 30, 2016 156.0 KiB
  • I swear to God you coders will be the bane of my existence... How do you always find a way to break something that works? Older version worked just fine, now it's removed from the past versions page...
    What version are you talking about?
  • Great screen capturing addon.
    But "save" doesn't work though copy and preview works and it's enough for me.
  • This bast*** is stuffing hosting referrals in this addon. On opening any hosting website, the addon automatically loads hosting referral URL to stuff referral cookie. this ar**ho** should be banned from creating any plugin anywhere. Scumbag. Please delete and report this addon.
    What do you mean?
    Please send me letter for more details (with screenshots) about your problem
  • Awesome.
  • I would give it five stars but I have to reinstall Screengrab after using it 6 to 8 times. Other than that the best of it's kind.
  • Good one! It's lightweight and has no problems with screenshots of height >10000 px, which was an issue with many other addons I've tested. This one just works.
  • After recent update (ver. 2.16) context menu disappeared on Waterfox 56.2.3. Only toolbar button works.
    After each restart I need to go to the Options and reenable "Show in conext menu", although it is already enabled.
  • Good plugin, but I REALLY HATE the way it opens a new tab when it does an UPDATE.

    Please provide a way for us to disable update notifications. Hence this page: "Thank you for installing Screengrab!" -- I don't need to see it each time there is an update.

    I am sometimes watching a YOUTUBE video or whatever, and I then get "spammed" with this new notification! Not cool!

    Hopefully you fix that or give us the option to disable it. Or else, I will just have to use something else.


    Your solution found here: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=14781462#p14781462 doesn't work. As soon as you add that code in the last line, when we run Mozilla, it will remove that last line. Plus I also see the identical line in the beginning of the code, so perhaps there is a conflict somewhere? Please review it or offer another solution.
    Please send your problem to forum:
  • 用不了
  • It works as promised and have it has many options. My favorite option is to save the screen with the name of the date, hour, minute and seconds!
  • WARNING! Automatically opens affiliate links for well known ecommerce sites. Should be removed from the app store for this reason.

    Edit: There is no enable/disable advertising setting. Apart from this, you are stealing from the advertisers and affiliate websites by abusing affiliate links.
    Advertising is disabled by default and request for advertising displays once in a lifetime.
    Only the user makes a decision: enable/disable advertising
    You can always enable/disable ads through settings
  • Useful add-on. I use it most every day and have been using it for years. Very handy and easy to use.
  • There is a problem with Screengrab! on Linux Mint 19 with the included Firefox 61.0.1 that comes with LM 19. Screengrab! Complete Page is grayed out. Visible Portion is there and works. LM 19 is running on VirtualBox Virtual Machine on an Windows 10 host, although I can't see how that would affect saving a complete page.
    Works fine native on Windows 10. I often use "Complete Page" so am dismayed why it's grayed out.
    Thanks, Works fine otherwise as far as I can tell.
  • This is the best screenshot addon for Firefox. One request: Please take a look at the function "Preview... -> Selection", we should be able to save the screenshot (Cmd + S) with same filename template in settings. Currently it saves the screenshot as an HTML file, instead of an image filetype. Thank you for your great work!
  • Great addon, thanks a lot!
    One thing I can ask for is auto selection of frames under mouse for Selection regime (like adblockers do to select unwanted frames). This would simplify the process of selection and, if needed after auto selection, user can edit the borders of selection.
  • thank you
  • Don't work properly.
  • Automatically [by default] posts your screen capture for the world to steal !! Capture all of your sensitive data and your bank records and share your account with the world. Until the developer sets the default post to [NO ONE] this app is a serious security risk. I don't want to share any of my captures, I want them to remain locally ... ON MY HARD DRIVE ONLY BY DEFAULT!!

    Oleksandr, do everyone a favor and change the way you have that setting by default, I don't trust your responses you post here claiming that screen captures remain locally hard-drive when your settings claim by default they are being shared to anyone that wants them.

    JUST CHANGE IT to the right way, just do it.
    > Automatically [by default] posts your screen capture for the world to steal !!

    It is not true!
    Please provide your proof by examining the code of my addon!
  • I love this add on. I probably use it more than any other. I do want to say tho that if it goes to having ads, if they're very intrusive, I'll delete it. I am making a $ donation and I would rather pay for the add on than have ads although I do understand the need for income. But.. I do love love love this add on and am on my way to send $ to the developer.
  • It grabs whole site without breaks between screens where they get glued together, as seen in some other addons for screengrabbing whole sites. Thank you.
  • A handy app, but the newer versions (compatible with latest version of FF) does not remember the last location you saved an screenshot - so everytime you save you have to re-navigate back through the file structure to place you want to save (unless you want *everything* dumped into a single folder).
  • Works perfectly, and highly customizable. Best in class!
  • Version 0.99.12 is still the way to go. Too many troubles for the new versions.

    Because of WebExtensions, I halted my classical Firefox updates to Quantum version for months. Until recently, I opted to update to FF Quantum. Very soon, I realized there are still many shortcomings with the new Screengrab. I will name a few:

    • The older version has two buttons, which are way handier than one. There are situations where I only take a screengrab of Visible Portion, and where Complete Page (for file size reasons). Using Hotkeys conflicts with other programs' keybindings. Now the new version only allows me to click 1 button for full screen. What if I want to take a portion of a screen? I am forced to use hotkeys --- not good. I will then reroute my keybindings with other programs. Yuck!

    • This new Screengrab is not efficient on a 4K monitor or Mac Retina Display. What do I mean by this? In previous version, Screengrab take the entire page at the right file/image size, either when I am on a 32" 4K monitor or a 24" 94.3 PPI monitor. The screengrab processing is very fast and efficient. Version 0.99.12 has no file/image size issues on a 4K monitor's native and HiDPI mode. It just works flawlessly.

    With the new version, it is a different story. In a 32" 4K monitor's HiDPI mode, the new Screengrab will take the entire snapshot based on how many pixels the monitor has. The more pixels you have, the larger the file/image size it will be. This has several drawbacks: Screengrab now finishes the processing at least 6~10 seconds slower for the entire page, sometimes not even working. For instance, the PNG file size could blow up from 2MB to around 30MB, which is about 10~15 times larger! The PNG image size becomes way too big when taken in HiDPI mode. For the 4K native mode, the file/image size is about right as Version 0.99.12 but then everything is too small to read (a 4K user would know what I mean by this). So most 4K users use HiDPI mode instead of 4K native mode. This essentially makes Screengrab impractical to use.

    The developers do provide a slide bar (for JPEG only) to let users adjust screengrab image quality based on the monitor's PPI. The idea is good but then has another disadvantage. The slide bar is for JPEG only. It is designed to change image quality, not image size. A 1% quality JPEG screengrab on a 4K monitor (HiDPI mode) will still be shown as super sized image. This is not practical at all.

    An ideal solution is to bring back the original Version 0.99.12 image size configuration, making the file size independent of monitor's PPI, native, and/or HiDPI modes.

    Why so?

    Many users switch to a Retina laptop while working in the office, and switch to a desktop display at home. Fixing a screengrab file/image size percentage means I have to manually adjust screengrab file/image size once when I am in the office. When I work on a desktop monitor at home, I will have to manually adjust Screengrab settings for a different monitor again. This becomes super inconvenient because I will have to manually switch screengrab file/image size settings every day if I work on different sized monitors! Sometimes, end users may forget to do the setting switch.

    So to rid all the troubles, just bring back the original Version 0.99.12 file/image size configuration. The image size is simply right no matter which monitors I am using --- a 4K monitor, a laptop Retina display, or a Dell U2412M. The file size is not too big, very efficient for disk storage. The image size is also not blown up if the PNG screengrab is taken in a 4K monitor's HiDPI mode.

    I will update the review to 5 stars when the problems are fixed but so far the new version is worse than the old version so it deserves 2 stars at this stage.
  • Toolbar icon context menu problem.

    When I disable main context menu in settings,
    toolbar icon right click context screengab menu item is disabled too.
    please show it always regardless of settings.
    thank you for your suggestion!