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But this addon has a significantly higher potential with small improvement. It can be used as bookmark manager for hot bookmarks, especially due to tag support.
Here are some ideas and proposals.
1. Currently the main button (in urlbar) can be clicked by left, right or middle click. Right click allows to edit bookmark details and middle click behaves as left click.
I propose to use these 3 kinds of clicks to assign 3 predefined tags (the right click also allows editing as now). By this way we can simplify our categorization.
2. Currently the shortcuts or corresponding buttons allow to open sidebar or panel - it is nice.
But I would propose, that the cursor will automatically focus in the search field of this panel/sidebar allowing directly to type search pattern without manual cursor focusing.
3. Currently the the search pattern relates to all - tags, bookmark header etc. I propose, that by defolt it will relate only to tags. And if the user want to search on all stuff (headers, urls and tags) he should type the pattern with a leading space, i.e. " some pattern" instead of "some pattern", reserving "some pattern" for tags only.
4. The same should be implemented for right click on main button in urlbar, i.e. right click will focus the cursor directly on tags input field.
Currently the right click on main button causes two dialogs opening - Save-to-Read editing dialog and standard dialog (list of toolbars and "Customize"). If it is impossible to suppress the 2-nd dialog, it is better to assign editing to left click instead of right.
I have also other ideas and if you're interesting, I can describe them too.
Thank you very much.

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