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  • Making my life so much easier.. but wish I could choose myself how many "last" folders I want, and it would be nice with some tutorials for the advanced settings. Some times I cant read the config options (looks like the text goes white or something).

    I saw there was someone saying the rules cant do two things.. it can! But it was a pain to figure out..

    Here is one example to add time and url to the filename:

    // Add ISO date to filenames
    pagedomain: instagram.com
    filename: .*
    into: :date:_+_:pageurl:_:filename:

    // /\(([^()]+)\)/g

    // Add ISO date to filenames
    filename: .*
    into: :date:_:hour:.:minute:.:second:_+_:pagedomain:_:filename:

    // Matches images with no dot extension in filename
    filename: ^[^\.]+[^\.]{0,5}$
    mediatype: image
    into: :filename:.jpg

    // Matches videos with no dot extension in filename
    filename: ^[^\.]+[^\.]{0,5}$
    mediatype: video
    into: :filename:.mp4
  • It won't save images with direct urls that don't end in the format type, such as ones from Twitter. Example:
  • Options in preferences disappear in Firefox 67 and hotkeys stop work. But plugin so good!
  • The "Rename And Route Downloads" It's An Awesome Concept But It's Current Useless Because It Only Accept One Rule So It Makes The Addon Not As Useful As It Promises Or Different To Other Addons
  • God, this is just what I needed to save me from the tedium of downloading my favourite images off of sites like tumblr.
  • I love it.
  • This is the closest I've found as a replacement for downthemall in FF 57+. Yes I need to prepare symlinks in advance because I typically save to external drive. I do agree with quantum's secure design to keep FF from having the ability to modify the host system but it has crippled almost every webapi download extension. This one suggests the workaround and has enough customization options so that I could mimic (and perhaps even improve) on my previous method with downthemall. The extension has successfully allowed me to take down the last block to upgrading to the latest FF by letting me simply right click to download images or links as conveniently as I used to. My only suggestions for improvement would be to simplify the options page and also have saving links or saving source part of the context menu (instead of having to keep switching them in the options page).
  • Like most people I was looking for a replacement for Save File To since it stopped working for me even in the legacy version of FF. This is almost but not quite it. I have many deeply nested directories and need to be able to route images to them quickly. Manually typing out everything that needs to go into the context menus isn't feasible. I was hoping that there would be a dynamic drilldown from the context menu itself, which would only require the user to specify the root once, but it doesn't work like that. If you specify C:\images, that's all you get. It doesn't show more submenus under that unless you go to the settings and laboriously add them all.

    Going as far as you can and shift-clicking for a dialog then using the "recent" directories works ok, but this extension would be a life-changer if it let you choose subdirectories more dynamically.
  • Very poor explanation how to set up this addon. Unless you're programmer don't bother downloading it.
  • I've used this add-on before, given recommendations previously sometime during its early days and I'm back for the same reasons of use. This add-on does exactly everything I need it to do - and now that I look at all the new features - tons of stuff I won't need to utilize (that could be useful in the future however). I can't thank you enough for this add-on, it really is a GEM.

    The workaround required to access directories outside of the downloads path isn't a problem and I can't criticize you for FF's shortcomings.

    It's really a great feeling seeing how far this project have come, good-luck in the future, I will certainly keep using this a lot in my daily routine.
  • 很好 有时候需要一直保存东西的时候。谢谢了
  • For years I used 'Save file to' to sort my porn. I liked it because I could have my porn on a thumb drive and when it was removed the links disappeared removing all evidence of my porn collection.

    Nowadays I have a more private setup and don't care so much about that but when Firefox upgraded and 'Save file to' stopped working I missed it. I tried this extension but it wouldn't save outside my Downloads directory. I looked into creating a replacement, but discovered why: The new security model doesn't allow saving outside Downloads directory. So I say whatever, I'll save all my porn into incoming folder and sort later. I still missed the uniqueify functionality though.

    In the meantime I create a bunch of scripts to make sorting/tagging easier. https://pastebin.com/u/ukaran. Regret this functionality couldn't be somehow integrated into a save file to extension - maybe with p2p sharing to make a distributed imagefap.com...

    Then I think - wait! I can put a symlink in my Downloads folder to my incoming folder and get back the uniqueify functionality.

    When I come back here to re-download this extension I see that technique mentioned in the instructions.

    Should have thought of it earlier..

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