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Дополнение модифицировано в связи с наличием дефекта - малая ширина окна настроек.
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I translated fasterfox 1.0.3 in Greek but there is a problem with the appearance.

The problem is the text width in the option's tabs, the numeric input fields of
the cache and http connection preferences are not showing properly (the input fields
have the width of one character and in some cases they don't appear at all).
I altered the max-width value in the pref.fasterfox.xul file to 595px instead of
450px and it works fine, but i understand that affects all the locales,not only
the Greek one.
Is there any way to fix that in the locale? I contacted the Greek mozilla team for
a review and somebody suggested to put an extra entity in the pref.fasterfox.dtd
(<!ENTITY window.width "57em">) however that didn't fix it.
I'm sorry if it sounds stupid but i don't have a clue on xul and xml

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as someone who cant speak more then 5 languages, i would have to change the fonting format, but if you had a problem you need to click on one of the speeds then choose custom and it will unlock all available options