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  • This add-on is a 'must have' if you open a lot of tabs in firefox. Makes a simple right click of the mouse open the target in a new tab. Can easily be turned on and off depending on your current surfing/work needs.
  • Thanks for the quick reply, the culprit was tub utilities, I replaced it with tab mix plus. I havn't tried right click as middle in TU, but I'd imagine it would block the context menu. TMPlus doesn't have any options for right click at all, maybe that's why it plays fine with your add-on.
  • Quintessential addon but unfortunately it doesnt work in the Twitter pages with the tweet links which start with @ or #.

    i have to press these links with middle click if i want to open them in new tabs.With RightLinks,these links either dont open at all or an error message popups (something about void links) or they open in the same tab or they open a small tweeter menu in the middle of the screen.

    As a result of this problem,i am forced to use middle click when i am in Twitter but since i am now more accustomed to the more efficient right-clicking,i keep forgetting to use middle-click and i often get these errors.

    If the developers reads this,is it possible for him to fix this problem? So that when i click these @ and # links,they open the hyperlinked twitter addresses in new tabs,in the same way that the default middle click does if i use it.

    Other than that,this addon is excellent because my ring finger is stressed a lot less than my middle finger used to.So surfing is a lot more comfortable experience.I thank the developer for creating it.
    These popups is just notifications, not errors. And you can disable it in "Pop-up messages" sub menu (see context menu of any item from Right Links).
    For links like http://twitter.com/#!/... Right Links decides that this is fake anchor (looks like link to the same page, but page doesn't contains linked node) and emulate left-click.

    I see 2 types links in twitter:
    1) http://twitter.com/#!/... - will be fixed in next version
    2) http://twitter.com/# (Reply etc.) - this is really fake link only for left-click

    See https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/right-links/versions/
  • Расширение полезное.
    Вот бы ещё была возможность выбора, что делать при нажатии правой кнопкой, а именно пункт из стандартного меню при клике;"сохранить объект как..."

    То есть нажал правой кнопкой по линку и сохранилась картинка или что там за линком.
    В папку любую.
    Или подскажите расширение если такое есть.
    Есть только возможность загружать ссылки, попадающие под маску extensions.rightlinks.filesLinksMask, в текущей вкладке или открывать для них контекстное меню – см. описание настройки extensions.rightlinks.filesLinksPolicy.

    С аналогом пункта «Сохранить объект как…» из контекстного меню есть сложность: API для этого действия отсутствует – получение имени файла реализовано только в обработчике стандартного контекстного меню (например, для файла https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/latest/5981/addon-5981-latest.xpi будет получено имя right_links-
    И отсюда вытекает другая проблема – из-за процесса получения имени (время ограничено настройкой browser.download.saveLinkAsFilenameTimeout) будет не понятно, сработал ли клик, что не очень удобно. И если задан маленький таймаут, можно не успеть получить имя файла.
    И, наконец, из-за отсутствия API можно получить (и то не совсем «честно») только встроенный вариант с диалогом сохранения. Иначе нужно писать довольно много кода по аналогии со встроенной реализацией «Сохранить объект как…».
  • The moment you start using this add-on there is no going back.
    I did not switch to other browsers because of this Add-on.
    Total efficiency of opening links in new tab (forward or background). Instead of right clicking and choosing option in text box and clicking again - you only need click once and no text box !

    I reverted back from 3.6 to 3.5 because i didn't like the new panel setting. the upper option should stay the most used option - "Load links in background" (which i use on and off all the time) and not "enable" , which is actually not needed at all - I can simply press the toolbar button to enable/ disable.

    Please update version 3.5 here to the one that works well with "Right to click" on Mac (in this version right clicking opens the text box too) .
    it took me some time to find the link to your fix

    Many many thanks.
    > the upper option should stay the most used option - "Load links in background"
    You are right. I will show "enabled" item only for menu from options in Add-ons Manager.
    (Second reason – it's bad to provide many ways to do the same thing: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ff458339.aspx)

    > when i right press on a PDF link it does open a new tab, but it loads the PDF on the current tab for some reason.
    Seems like extensions.rightlinks.filesLinksPolicy = 1 and extensions.rightlinks.filesLinksMask (both in about:config) match links to some PDF files.

    > And please update version 3.5 here to the one that works well with "Right to click" on Mac (in this version right clicking opens the text box too) .
    Very strange.
    Context menu handling seems the same in and 0.3.6.
    Please describe more information here: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=645809 (such as data from about:support, behavior without RightToClick and behavior on clean Firefox profile).
  • Now, all of a sudden without doing anything it works! and it works perfectly!
  • Благодарю автора за это замечательное дополнение! Пользуюсь им уже давно. Версия лиса 3.6. Пожелание - добавьте, пожалуйста, настройки в более удобном виде, чтобы не лазить в конфиг.
    Часть настроек есть в контекстном меню иконки/кнопки.
    Других визуальных настроек пока не планируется.

    [Добавлено 2012-01-07]
    В версии 0.3.6 добавлено открытие меню настроек из управления дополнениями.
  • Очень удобно.
  • ASAP!

    It's a great add-on and I still have to keep SM 2.1
  • Fabulous addon, just what i needed. Enjoyed it more as my usage increase.
    Highly recommended for laptop users.
  • Excellent add-on! Now I can right click and instantly get the link in a tab at the front to read. Of course I had to tweak the options to set the tab to come to the front but after doing that this is perfect.
  • Excellent AAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++
    Can't surf without it :)
  • Very useful. This makes it much easier to use the notebook and netbook without the mouse.
  • Отличный плагин, работает как надо, только в FireFox 4 в окне Speed dial заместо ссылки на сайт, открывает thumbnail картинку. В FF 3 версии, такого глюка нету.

    @Infocatcher дело в том что в FF 3 работало корректно, а в FF 4 открывается изображение, хотя изображение находится внутри ссылки, то есть при обычном клике открывается не картинка, а та самая ссылка.
    В принципе, это не совсем глюк – Right Links определяет, что кликнули по изображению, и открывает его.
    Можно полностью отключить обработку изображений – или из контекстного меню кнопки (или пункта в меню Инструменты), или из about:config – extensions.rightlinks.enabledOnImages.

    [Добавлено 2012-01-07]
    В версии 0.3.6 добавлена скрытая настройка extensions.rightlinks.enabledOnSpeedDialImages, по умолчанию false.
  • excellent! I love the way of opening context menu on a link by holding the right button!
  • На 21b2 работает путём правки внутри .xpi файла install.rdf и замены в нём строки
    2.1b3 (например)
  • Frequency of opening new tab is much greater than any other task in right click.
  • I love it on my laptop but when I open pictures and try to right click on them to save them it just opens the picture in another tab. One of the updates must have done this because an older version didn't do that. It worked great opening links and saving pics.Please update, this is super annoying.
    You can disable image handling or wait some time (0.5 second by default) to open context menu.
    Or try this test version: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=9665987#p9665987
  • Once you leave most default settings that are checked on the opening 'Options' page unchecked, this is great to have a link open in a new and focused tab.Great extension!
  • Very useful been using it for long time. Please keep updating it for the newer FF versions
  • Must have ! Must use ! Too many customization !! really great great tools !
  • Seriously, I could not have done without this addon. Saving me a click every time I open a new tab. I recommend it to anyone with a laptop. You may also find this useful: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5610/
  • Something I have been looking for since the day I started using the computer! Its so simple, and takes away two steps! This add-on should be more widely known! I would donate if there was an option!
  • Seriously great addon!! Works great for my laptop!!