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  • Wow! Amazing Addon!!
    Why hadn't I discovered this earlier?

    From the very first time I used this addon, it made my life easier.
    I liked the way it interacts with the mouse buttons and the Tabs.
    For example: when I only "right click" the mouse button, it automatically Opens the Link on a new tab, next to the previous tab.
    Also the same thing happens when You "hold and Click" the Left button of the mouse!
    For pictures is great too!

    Of course you can modify the options to your liking.
    It just saved me a lot of time.
    Doing all of the time right click and then Choosing to open the link in a new tab, waiting for the context menu to show up, it's quite annoying.

    Thank you Infocatcher, for creating this very helpful addon. :-)
  • This is exactly what I was looking for: a quick way to open a link in a new tab. I had Tab Mix Plus but its mindboggling number of options blew my mind. But I'm surprised I actually had to hunt for several minutes before finding this add-on!
  • ...and sporadically. Otherwise good.
    > Doesn't work on Google News at all
    Strange, works fine for me... At least on https://news.google.com/news?cf=all&ned=us

    Can you reproduce this on new empty Firefox profile?
    May be this is conflict with some other extension(s).

    Or you probably accidentally press F2 key that toggles Right Links... :-/

    [added 2014-05-27]
    OK, now I see:
  • I like using the left mouse button to open all links. Some I open in the same window but most I open in a new window. To do this with the left button I had to use a combination of greasemonkey and Firegestures scripts. Now thanks to this extension I can chose to open a link in either the same or a new window simply by varying how long I hold down the left button. This extension has many other features and options. Thanks Infocatcher I am very pleased with this.
  • Just the thing to make your surfing faster and simpler!
  • Работает как надо.
  • Thank you, Infocatcher, for an excellent add-on, For anyone migrating from Opera, this works the sames as the extension open-in-backround-with-long-press, but the length of time required for the press is customizable and Right Links also has many useful extra features. Five-Stars.
  • It seems this add-on has been disabling my page back arrow. I have just disabled it and the arrow has come back! Hope you find the cause.
    Which arrows you are mean? Back/forward buttons on the toolbar (works for me) or links on some site (which site?)?
    Can you reproduce this on new empty Firefox profile?

    Also this is probably related to https://github.com/Infocatcher/Right_Links/issues/4

    And please use "Support site" from extension description to report bugs:
    Reviews is uncomfortable (and wrong) place for such things.
  • You can delete my previous rating. 5-stars for what it does. I was looking for Right-Click-Link, which is close to right links in name.
  • I need change F2 key to other because I use F2 for otherwise purpose……I like this extension and thank you for your good job.:)

    I've learned. Thank you very much!
    See about extensions.rightlinks.key.toggleStatus in description (https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/right-links/#addon-description).
  • This Benny once again , I went into about-config and changed for window to open on left-slow click ,(True) then I just added a new string saying (extension.rightlinks.loadinTab.right) and it worked perfectly. Thanks again for this add-on Benny
  • The test version is perfect for me...I can use it to open in a new window instead of a tab,,,and, it now works fine with "InFormEnter"....Thank You!!
  • Almost perfect for notebooks. One request (if you have a time) - that right button function could be inverted (long click - background tab, short - menu). This method is more intuitive and will be especially useful for simple users.
    I created an issue:
    But at least next release is planned only for bugfixes.
  • is it just 4 me or long click to open tab not working anymore please someone verify... if its not then pls fix it i just love this extension
    Please check following preferences in about:config page:
    Both should be "true".
    (Or open Add-ons Manager, navigate to Right Links and click on "Options…" button – should be checked "Enabled" and "Options – Enable long left-click")

    If still doesn't work, please provide detailed report here https://github.com/Infocatcher/Right_Links/issues
    or here http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=645809

    Also please try install Right Links on new profile: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profile-manager-create-and-remove-firefox-profiles
    And if it works on new profile, this is probably conflict with other extension or non-standard configuration. And I need information from about:support page.
  • A must have. Very practical. Works flawlesly. The fact that it opens an image in another tab is for me very nice
  • Hi, first of all thanks for this great extension!

    I've got a problem opening pictures from Google Picasa albums in new tabs with the right mouse button. A right click on one thumbnail of a picture just opens the picture in the recent tab and not in a new one.

    For example:
    Thanks for report.
    I implemented possible fix, see https://github.com/Infocatcher/Right_Links/issues/1
    (you can found link to test version here: https://github.com/Infocatcher/Right_Links/issues/1#issuecomment-18736711 )
  • i have search this extension for long time
    "long-press " is my favorite thing
    should let more body to know this
    very great!!!
  • Предлагаю добавить функцию, позволяющую щелчком ПКМ на + панели закладок сразу же в новой вкладке открыть ссылку, ранее скопированную в буфер обмена. То есть продублировать функцию, имеющуюся в макстон'е. Было бы естественным развитием функциональности дополнения для ПКМ.
    Ой, забыл ответить. :)
    Это не очень интуитивно и перестанет работать контекстное меню.
    Тут хорошо бы добавить соответствующую всплывающую подсказку, но уже выходит многовато кода для функции, которая не особо связана с основным предназначением расширения.

    Вот пример кода для любого расширения, позволяющего выполнять код при открытии главного окна браузера:
  • this is a "must have" extension for all the notebook users without middle mouse button!
  • Oh my lovely lenovo keyboard interface. Oh the foul toshiba one. Saved by an extremely expensive mouse Christmas present. With only 2 buttons. I don't want to spend 3 clicks opening tabs, and have to choose 2 equally annoying tab settings (open all in front or all behind). Lifesaver. If there are issues on google maps, as alleged, i don't care, it's a tiny price to pay.
  • I thought this would be useful but as it doesn't open the tab as well I might as well use the default drop down box, either way it's a 2 step procedure so no time saved.
    Please ensure, that extensions.rightlinks.enabled (and extensions.rightlinks.enabled.right + extensions.rightlinks.enabled.left) are "true" in about:config page. You may accidentally disable it using hotkey (F2 by default).

    And, may be, extensions.rightlinks.showContextMenuTimeout (500 milliseconds by default) is too small for you, try increase it.

    If Right Links still doesn't work, please provide detailed description here:
    or here: https://github.com/Infocatcher/Right_Links/issues
    And please include information from
    Help – Troubleshooting Information
    (will open about:support page)
  • This worked perfectly for me until today. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and gone through the settings and still nothing. Would like to figure out how to fix it because it's my favorite feature in my Firefox!

    EDIT: Okay, super fast response to this and you guys totally saved it for me. Still my favorite add-on! Thank you! :)
    Preferences extensions.rightlinks.enabled and extensions.rightlinks.enabled.right in about:config should be "true".

    Previous version https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/right-links/versions/ works?

    If Right Links are enabled, but doesn't work, please provide detailed description here: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=645809
    or here: https://github.com/Infocatcher/Right_Links/issues
    And please include information from
    Help – Troubleshooting Information
    (will open about:support page)
  • [quote]Версия 0.3.7 (2012-09-03)
    [+] Добавлена возможность открытия ссылок "долгим" кликом левой кнопкой мыши.[/quote]
    Вот оно - долгожданное!
  • Пять звезд для этого аддона - слишком мало.
    Нужнее этого аддона для Огненной лисы я не нашел.

    The greatest addon for FireFox!
  • It would be great if this extension had an option to actually emulate the middle click. This would allow extensions like Redirect Remover and MClickFocusTab to function properly when right clicking a link.
    All extensions works in one "level". So all of them will receive both events: real right-click and emulated middle-click.
    If Right Links tries prevent right-click event, another extensions should check event.defaultPrevented (https://developer.mozilla.org/en/DOM/event.defaultPrevented), but the order of event listeners calling is "random".

    Additionally Redirect Remover should works like Redirector extension (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/redirector/): handle internal links opening, not clicks or other user actions.

    In the next Right Links version will be added "long" left-click feature, it's a bit similar to MClickFocusTab.