173 notes
  • Reverso difines both "emotionell" and "emotional" as adjectives, the English "emotional". Unless both German words can be used interchangeably, there should be examples of when to use which word.
  • Exellent! I translate in Netflix and Youtube subtitles, web articles and PDF's. It's the best Mozilla extension!!!
  • Мне понравился перевод в субтитрах ютуб
  • The extension does not translate pdf documents
    Thank you for your feedback! The extension will allow you to translate in PDF if you activate the feature "Translation in PDF documents" in settings. If it doesn't work, please provide us with more details of your session.
  • The netflix mode is great.
  • I'm already registered and logged in the reverso context website. But despite this the extension thinks I'm not. I'm using Firefox Containers, but I'm logged in default container.
    Thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately we couldn't reproduce this error. Could you please provide more details?
  • Excelente.
  • Memory leaks, please fix them. I have a message from Firefox, in a yellow window, that one of the scripts of the extension slows down my browser. Needs more languages.
    Thank you for your feedback! We couldn't reproduce this issue. Could you please provide more details?
    We are constantly working on improving translation quality and extension usability. We will add new translation directions soon.
  • très bonne outil