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147 critiques pour ce module
  • 好用

  • The app will do the basics but needs more features to assist with test automation.

  • Missing basic functionality like backup history. Unless we make it a favourite, we cannot export. It will be good if we have an option to export history

  • 为什么下载这个插件,必须要用FireFox打开链接下载?我为什么不能用chrome下载这个组件,然后放到FireFox浏览器上?为什么非要跳转到Firefox的下载页面?我已经安装了FireFox,为什么就是用不了这个插件?是不是有病,好几天了,都是这样的插件。用户友好度哪里去了? 这个插件可能不错,但是mozilla.org的这种方式叫我特别生气!浪费了很多时间却下载不下来!

  • Really great job. Everything is kept simple.

  • 不错,够用,方便.

  • good and useful, thanks!

  • Edit: Its working now. Content-Type header was missing, tho it worked fine with curl
    POST request aint sending any data, the post object is empty. Im using codeigniter 3 with php 5.6 running on a local ( xampp 5.6.11 server. Old extension worked just right.

    Réponse du développeur

    If you want to send a POST with form data, you need to add content-type manually.

  • This application does not work. It just hangs for ever. The old application (1 year ago worked fine) This oneshould be modified to return an error. Also a short document should be given so as to know if specific Firefoxe parameters are needed
    Cette extension ne semble pas fonctionner. J'envoie une requête GET l'application semble s'exécuter mais la page est bloquée pour toujours sans aucun message d'erreur ni rien.
    L'application devrait être revue de manière à fournir un message d'erreur mais non à bloquer définitivement.

    Réponse du développeur

    Could you please provide more details? Can you email me a copy of your http request content to That will be helpful! Thank you.

  • Nice addon, but I have met troubles with encoding of Cyrillic.

  • ... now I even cannot read anything in the UI anymore, font size by far too small and in addition a very thin one without any contrast which renders the tool totally useless. Also cannot use favorites anymore, even though not being in private mode.

  • firefox 51 64位版本,使用RestClient2.0.1,自动升级到3.0.5后,以前保存的Request很多,按提示在migrate面板复制三项数据
    然后点击"migrate it now ",没有任何反应。试了二十次,最终放弃了,还是用httpRequest

    Réponse du développeur


  • 简单,好用

  • 之前用过还可以,但是最近用的时候为啥点击那个headers内的custom header怎么点都无反应,无法配置header

  • Excelente, me está ayudando mucho para mi curso de Web Api en .NET

  • 可以方便,复杂点就搞不定了

  • 之前一直都使用这个工具,但是最近更新3.0.4版本后也遇到post请求response为空,可能是我的数据类型比较特殊,是image/jpeg

    也用过一个叫Wisdom RESTClient的工具



  • 更新3.0.4版本后,post请求成功后response显示空,实际上是有Content-Type: image/jpeg 数据返回的 请解决下

    Réponse du développeur


  • 更新3.0.4版本后,post请求成功后response显示空,实际上是有数据返回的,但是就是不显示怎么解决一下啊

    Réponse du développeur


  • nice

  • Quantum compatible!!

  • 最新版本,那个restclient 我当前页面请求的数据,新建个页面再用restclient ,去看别的软件,再看火狐,发现两个页面的rest数据都一样,很不方便。每次我都退版本

    Réponse du développeur


  • Love the extension but waiting desperately for the oauth features

  • Easy to use!
    It let's you save your frequently used REST calls in the form of favorites -- super helpful!

  • 1.更新了Firefox和扩展3.0.4以后,发现GET请求时,如果请求XML格式的数据,则请求一直停留在Successed! Processing result...的界面.而请求 json数据正常。