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Thanks for the quick and helpful reply. I ran into the same problem on Google Images i.e the test URL would work, but the actual website wouldn't. I will try doing things with NoScripts and let you know if I achieve any positive results.

Thanks again.

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I am a much less computer literate guy than most people who have commented here. Kudos for the great addon. I have been looking for an addon which would remove the re-directs from Google Image search. While there are many addons that remove redirects from Google's all-the-web search, there is none (except this addon) that does it for Google Images.

However, I need someone to help me. Can you please help me with removing redirects from google image search?

I have tried hard to remove the redirects myself but I have failed to figure out how to do it. I'd appreciate if you could comment and tell us what to fill in the form to create a new redirect for Google images.

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I don't think you can. I tried creating a pattern which would extract the actual image url from the link url and redirect to that:\?.*&imgurl(.*?)&.*

It worked on the test url, but when I actually tried it on the site it didn't work. Probably Google has some javascript that runs when you click the links, and that's something Redirector can't help with.