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First of all - thank you very much.
I have several proposals.
1. This addon not only translator from language to language, thesaurus or word definitor.
This is univerasl tool that sends to the invoked site the selected word. It can be even used as a search machine - it works smoothly.
That is why I think - that is no necessity to distinguish between selecting word and selecting phrase - both should be available through popup and context menu.
The context menu item should contain the main dictionary as it is now and in addition - to have submenu with the rest of dictionaries.
2. Currently there are two options - to open the result in background page or in forground (by default). In some cases it might be reasonable to be able to open the result in sidebar or in popup semitransparent window. Moreover, the sidebar opening should be connected to choosen translator/search machine - it should be its property in addition to name and url, the forground/background/popup should be global.
But anyway - it is very nice addon, thank you!