33 critiques pour ce module
  • It doesn't work any more ! It works ok in chrome , but i dont want to change Firefox . It will be great to fix it
  • not work any version
  • working on old version firefox
  • Just Time West.
  • Too long the add-on does not work
  • Not working at all
  • for a YEAR already they are NOT able to fix the FF add-on, only the Chrome extension works.

    I seriously dont get these guys... cut away Outlook, destroy FF. Ever heard about business?
  • This used to be my favorite addon. Now useless.
  • Shit! It was really useful add-on and LinkedIn destroyed it..
  • Used to work - but thanks to LinkedIn, this add-in is being completely ruined now.

    First they remove rapplets, notes and twitter feed integrations.

    Now, Rapportive does not even work in Firefox. When you contact support, they tell you to disable all other extensions or use Chrome, knowing fully that there's an issue with Rapportive for FF.

    This sucks.
  • I contacted support to report that Rapportive is broken in Firefox. Here are the relevant excerpts from our correspondence:

    me: I installed Raportive in Firefox. It tells me, "Rapportive offline", "Sorry, Rapportive didn't load correctly due to a temporary problem. Please reload your Gmail tab to try again." I've tried reloading Gmail multiple times, but it always gives me that message.

    support: Do you have any other extensions installed in your Gmail that Rapportive might be interacting with? If not, just send over a screenshot.

    me: I have no other gmail extensions installed. A screenshot is attached.

    support: In this case I'd recommend if you can try using Chrome and see if you still see this issue.

    me: Thank you for the suggestion, but Firefox is my preferred browser. You guys have a Firefox addon, so it's safe to assume that you do support Firefox. Right?

    support: I'm so sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Please know that Rapportive works best on Chrome.
  • Doesn't work anymore.
  • Sorry, Rapportive didn't load correctly due to a temporary problem. Please reload your Gmail tab to try again.

    Это сообщение преследует в Waterfox 33.0.2
  • Since several months ago, Rapportive began to misbehave. It now give the message:

    "Sorry, Rapportive didn't load correctly due to a temporary problem. Please reload your Gmail tab to try again."

    instead of providing useful information. All attempts to obtain support from LinkedIn have been futile. Sadly, it appears that LinkedIn's acquisition of Rapportive may have spelled its demise.

    What a terrible waste of a once great product.
  • Great and valuable addition to Gmail. I love it, but now I have to use Chrome for a little while until you fix the Firefox version.
  • Does not work. Installed, nothing shows, google ads only
  • Nothing has changed in my Gmail. Rapportive doesn't appear.
  • Truly an add-on with utility. But, Raplets that I have used are not well integrated. I added the Crunchbase Raplet and it does not appear in the Rapportive sidebar. I know this is not a support forum. But, Rapportive does not supply one, and according to another poster, emails to the developer are not returned. So, any thoughts, or similar experiences appreciated.
  • I like the add-on but for some reason it stopped working on firefox aurora. It tried sending emails to the developers I haven't gotten any response.
  • I don't know how I ever used GMail before I installed this addon! Without it, email is a nightmare! Since I started using this, though, it put the fun back into email and contact management. Thank you SO much for the great addon! ^~^
  • Very cool idea with a stylish design!
  • My favorite Add-on is Rapportive -It Replaces GMAIL Ads with useful Info about your Contacts and their other Social Network Connections That you wouldn’t easy know about without taking the time to track them down. A Very Cool Add-on.
  • So handy!
  • Absolutely great idea and implementation! If only you could increase capacity, so it would not throw those "Offline" errors now and then :) But still, one of the most useful extensions I have seen in the last years.
  • This is an must have add-on if you want to expand your social friends circle.