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  • I really like Random User-Agent
    I can not use the Random User-Agent on a site it is often detect and the site blocks me I would like to know the different settings to be more efficient with.

    Thank you for your reply
  • 在Android手机上(大约firefox 63开始)性能不良:我勾选safari on iphone,发现失灵后禁用再启用才会正常。
    Thanks for the rating. As for the issue, is that on all pages like that or just on one? Please file a report at https://github.com/tarampampam/random-user-agent/issues/new?template=bug_report.md
  • Is probably the Best Random User Agent, at the moment, it does what it says.

    If you have a problem with youtube being blank, just white list youtube and it is fine.

    Note for the Developer : Tested and confirmed, enabling "sync extension between browsers " does delete all settings on browser exit, resetting everything to default.

    Also I seem to be having a problem where web sites see the user agent chosen, but all web sites are saying that the platform is win32, " I use win64", should they not be seeing the platform as what is in the user agent header.

    eg : user agent
    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_2; en-SG) AppleWebKit/603.3.6 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/12.0.2 Safari/603.3.6

    Shows platform
    Win32, should it not be Mac OS X 10

    Also it has "Mozilla" at the start of every user agent header.

    any chance of adding screen resolution spoofing to the program ?

    Thanks for your review and the kind words.

    To address the issues you mentioned

    1) That appears to be an issue with Firefox. Please check out https://github.com/tarampampam/random-user-agent/issues/90
    2) Thats a known issue, see https://github.com/tarampampam/random-user-agent/issues/7
    3) All browsers start with "Mozilla", https://github.com/tarampampam/random-user-agent/issues/65
    4) I am afraid that is beyond the scope of the extension
  • Works as well as any other User-Agent Swithcer, BUT...!
    But the settings are super simple and straightforward to understand and to set up automated switching. That's why I chose this add-on before the other options!
  • I love this extension as it handles the job of altering UA automatically (set up and forget plugin), but now for whatever reason it doesn't save domain preferences so I have to disable it on custom domains (like youtube else the page won't show) every time. I would like to put 5 stars if this issue is corrected, for me its still the best plugin for that application.

    EDIT : I think its just the exception list that is reset; maybe after update of the plugin (autoupdate is on, I will disable it to check)
    Thanks for the review. Could your issue actually be the same as https://github.com/tarampampam/random-user-agent/issues/90?

    If so, please comment on the issue if it is not a solution to your problem and if it fixes it maybe you could reconsider the rating :)
  • Works great! I especially love the statistically inconspicuous pool of agents. It still provides a reasonable deal of slight even if you have to set it to a selection of a specific operating system and browser to prevent constant broken websites. For me this is an acceptable alternative to constantly curating a white-list.
    Thanks for the review, though the issue you described sounds like the one mentioned at https://github.com/tarampampam/random-user-agent/issues/90 and is not really an issue of the extension. Please add any relevant information if you have more details

    It would be nice if you could update you rating in light of these facts, unless you think there is another reason why it shouldnt have five stars.
  • The extension works great but broke too many sites so I uninstalled it. Be prepared for whitelisting several sites, otherwise you'll get broken functionality or infinite captchas because the site thinks you're a robot.
    Thanks for the feedback. Strictly speaking it is not the extension breaking the sites, but these sites perform browser sniffing and return invalid content when the believe the browser to be different from Firefox.

    I am afraid whitelisting is the only option in such a case, this is unfortunately beyond the extension's control.
  • Usually works really good. Might break some pages (like YouTube), but it's easy to disable it temporarily if it does. I have one problem with it though, the settings for what browser to spoof isn't saved. I clean out everything when exiting the browser, and somehow this revert the changes back to defaults (to Chrome). Not sure how the settings are saved, but they are lost every time i exit.

    Also, an option to change the agent on every reload (instead of just after X mins) would be nice.

    [EDIT] Got the settings to be saved by disabling Sync extension settings between browsers. Just a tip if other experience the save problem. The error occurs if you also purging the browser data on exit.
    Technically it is not the extension breaking these pages, but these pages returning invalid content because of browser sniffing.

    I am glad that you found a solution and it would be nice if you could reconsider the rating, unless you believe five stars are not warranted for another reason.
  • I would continue to use Random User-Agent, however, I had to uninstall due to its breaking of Youtube. With RUA enabled on Firefox, YT's homepage yields only grayed-out slots where the videos should be shown -- obviously I can't interact with anything, let alone watch a video.
    This error persists across the most recent versions of both Firefox and Waterfox. I had to disable all of my extensions and turn them on, one-by-one, and in the end, only RUA has this effect on Youtube.

    Will gladly re-install in the future if this problem is resolved.
    I am afraid this is not an issue of RUA but rather of Youtube, as it engages in browser sniffing and returns Firefox incompatible content when your browser claims to be e.g. Chrome (there was even a case where Microsoft accused Google of deliberate sabotage). Unfortunately there is nothing the extension can do about this. You could continue using RUA, you'd simply need to whitelist youtube.com.

    It would be nice if you could re-evaluate your rating in light of this situation, unless of you believe RUA doesnt deserve five stars for another reason.