A Real Review - Quit Firefox 0.2 Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Ashenmoon is Correct. I would go further and say that the previous "review" to Ashenmoon's is NOT actually a review at all & therefore doesn't even belong here. It is just misplaced Commentary and a Faulty rating on this addon that they say in their first words: they do not understand. The faulty rating artificially skews the overall rating which would only serve to give the browsing public the idea to skip checking out this addon... which is a shame because I find this addon to be Indispensable and remarkable in its Simplicity. And It Says what it Does and Does what it Says -all without ever having caused any compatibility issues for me at all. Want a kill-switch for FF? This is it. I've been a longtime user and fan of this Addon.

The Faulty Rating & Commentary VS. Actual Features & Benefits:
1) "I do not get what it is good for. I have a close button why need this?" ...If you don't understand it don't give it a 2 star "rating" & proceed to write a "review" about what you don't get. Work to understand it instead:

a) It is for use on occasion when you want or need to directly BYPASS the confirmation dialog about closing/saving, while still being able to reserve the built-in Firefox option to confirm/save for when you want or need it. The former is a distinctly different Feature than the latter. They are not the same thing. It Adds to the functionality of Firefox -thats why its called an Add-On.

b) A quick ONE Button shutdown is also more helpful for laptop users. Laptops have less resources than a desktop, especially older ones which can grind to a halt... its a Pain-in-the-neck to have to wait for several minutes to get the regular close button to "close"... and then wait several more for the confirmation dialog to pop-up and then close that as well. If I don't want to wait & have autosaved sessions, I just hit the FF kill button which IS Quit Firefox 0.2.

2) "What is really needed...' '...set the computer to shutdown after it is completely closed" -Even if it were possible for a browser to send a command to your computer to shut itself off
Even if one would add the suggestion as an Option, it is also just a personal preference, NOT a "fault" of the addon & therefore not a reason to give a 2 star rating to an addon that Says what it IS, and Does what IT Says. And it Does it Well:)