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Very powerful addon, thank you.
I have some concrete feedback.
1. The addon has 3 items in context menu and I think it is possible to reduce it to one!
a) "Translate in the box" can be combined with the item that contains the translation itself - clicking on it will cause the same as clicking on "translate in the box"
b) "translate selection" can be transferred to submenu like "Play: XXX"
So, we will have only one item in context menu.
It is possible to put "translate in box" in submenu and combine "Translate selection" with the tranlation itself.
2. It is desired to have also reverse translation - it will be very usefull.
3. It is not clear how to save items in the file and what to do with it then.
4. It is very desired to remember the substitution for chosen word, to highlight it by some color and to substitute all occurancies of this word.
Moreover, remember this permanently and substitute such words on any page. This will turn your addon into powerfull learning tool.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (1.1.rev686.1-signed.1-signed).