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I like this extension a lot.

However, I'm reinstalling everything pretty much from scratch, and this is the second time where I have run into a site that does NOT make it obvious exactly WHERE to click to download the extension.

I would like the authors to think about this on their sites. I use Infolister and upload my configuration to my FTP site every time I make a change, and that gives me the home page for the extension. You don't have to drone on and on, I've been sold to install the extension, show me visually in a quick manner where to download it. A text link that says here after paragraph and paragraph (of other links) is not consumer friendly.

And then there are the ones that want you to solve an impossible to solve captcha to install the extension, which is a REAL WTF.

I'm venting, but I've been dealing with failing hardware (hence the complete reinstall of everything) for a week.

But I do love the ability of this to narrow down my search so much, without trying to determine whether I saw a keyword in the URL or the title.

Hence the five stars.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (21.1-signed.1-signed).