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after restart browser,every page except white list
is blocked even i rest to default setting

ok i found i must put path to file in subscription tab
But still it load file in prefs.js file
if file load in own file is better

Edit:thank you very much for replay.
so line must look like this
i export setting and put filename at the end of above line,but thats not work and blocked
site will opened even i make copy from prefs.js rename it to prefs.txt (imported setting with all filter)
but still blocked website will opened can you tell me Where did I go wrong?

thats great tool
if you can add option to load blacklist from external file with ability custom path
currently if i add too many site prefs.js
file become more than 900kb
so its not good,so when it have external path
i can put it in ramdisk so it more faster

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Actually, you CAN! :)

Just use the address you get from the location bar when you open the file.Say you have "prefs.txt" saved on your disk, in Firefox click File > Open File > and select the file. Just copy the address of that file (starting with "file:///") and paste it in ProCon Latte's settings.