992 notes
  • I am really enjoying this extension, however I have noticed that the number on the badger does not update back to 0 or no number when I go back to the homepage (default FireFox homepage). It will stay at whatever the number was on the previous website. When I open a new tab (opens default FireFox homepage), the icon resets back to no number.

    I find this just a little bit annoying but it's not a big deal, though I'd prefer if the icon updated itself appropriately when I go back to the homepage.

    **UPDATE** The icon actually does not update whenever you're on a website with no trackers unless you refresh the browser or open a new tab
    Hello! I am unable to reproduce this behavior. Could you open an issue on our GitHub at https://github.com/EFForg/privacybadger/issues, or email extension-devs@eff.org with more information?
  • The BEST.! What Trackers are left?
  • 会导致很多网站不正常显示,尤其是直播网站。
    Hello! If you tell us about these websites, we'll try to fix them for all Privacy Badger users. Please visit our GitHub issue tracker at https://github.com/EFForg/privacybadger/issues, or simply email extension-devs@eff.org
  • Wow. An addon that learns to block trackers by tracking you and looking for trackers that track you? Sign me up!
  • I couldn't be more behind everything EFF is doing. And this plugin is so simple if you please, complex if you please. And it's absolutely free-as-in-freedom. One of a few must-haves for me.
  • Fantastic and great foundation.