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Great addon,I love it!
Unfortunately It neither displays nor prints pages correctly, even with formatting. I tried everything I could do, unsuccessfully.I'm running the ver 11.1 under FF 26 and Win7 x64 home edition. Am I missing something of important or is this is an unresolved feature yet ?Thanks in advance

140128-update: I've found some workarounds for these pages: I print them under IE or I print the selection under Firefox native printing function. That's not perfect but it's satisfactory for documentation purposes.
Due to the fact that this add-on has not to handle Firefox bugs and that it is fully responding to the expectations, I modified the star rating accordingly and also removed the '"almost" .

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Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (11.1.1-signed). 

New 'Fix Pagination' feature in Version 11.2

This is not a bug in Print Edit. Print Edit uses Firefox's standard feature to print/preview pages. Unfortunately, there are long standing bugs in Firefox's print/preview feature which means that web pages containing large tables or fieldsets are not displayed correctly.

However, Print Edit 11.2 includes a new 'Fix Pagination' feature which can fix (workaround) these issues in many cases.