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It does the Delete parts very well, no complaints there. However editing is restricted to margins only. Forget moving divs, there's not even a way to get text to fit width, similar to the Readability or Readable bookmarklets. Also if you are viewing No Page Style, you can print that with Firefox, but you go on to Print Edit and it's back to the original page style. Basically, it does the easy things and it does them well. But a true editor for print would do more.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (9.3.1-signed). 

Improvements in Version 10.1 & Version 15.0

Print Edit is primarily intended to save printer paper/ink by removing unwanted content, hence the features are focused on deleting and formatting content, rather than more extensive web page editing. However, editing is not restricted to margins only, since the 'Format' command allows a wide range of styling to be applied.

Print Edit does not support moving div's (for example, using cut-and-paste), but it does allow text to be formatted so that it fits the page width in most cases (although at present, not every case).

It is not possible to retain the 'No Page Style' viewing mode when using Print Edit, because the underlying mechanism that Print Edit employs to perform its operations is the application of CSS styles.

Version 10.1 simplifies the menu options for the 'Delete Except' command and significantly enhance the capabilities of the 'Format' command:

- the application of format properties can now be restricted to specific content types (divs, spans, headings, etc).

- the 'width:auto' and 'height:auto' format properties now remove min/max width and height constraints (which allows text to be fitted to page width in all cases).

- the margin and padding properties have been split into separate horizontal and vertical values.

- the margin, padding, font family, font style, line height and list style properties all have a wider range of values.

To fit text to page width, select the whole page, then click on 'Format', then click on 'Fit to Content', then tick 'Apply to sub-elements', and then click on 'OK'.

UPDATE: Version 15.0 now allows existing text to be edited and new text to be inserted into web pages.