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I love this add-on. I have some ideas for improvement, but they may not be possible. If the improvements are not technically possible, then it gets 5 stars already.
Complex layouts can require a lot of detailed edits, and it does not allow as much control as I want. It would be very nice if text or graphics within the blocks of space could be deleted or edited. The blocks of space on the original page often claim much more width than is needed after unnecessary elements are deleted, but the layout cannot be adjusted. In this regard, one can highlight the required parts and choose "Delete Except," yet the original page width remains and preserves too much margin, usually on the right side. I used it for a while without finding the Save As control; maybe that could be made into a button on the toolbar?

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (8.9.1-signed). 

'Delete Except' and user interface improvements in Version 9.0

With regards to your suggested improvements:

- Print Edit is not really designed for making detailed edits to complex layouts. It may be possible to delete smaller pieces of text using the 'Text Pieces' feature. To remove graphics, that cannot be selected using the highlight (red) box, try selecting around the graphics using the draggable capture (blue) box.

- In Print Edit 9.0, the 'Delete Except' drop-down menu has two new menu items, 'Restricted Without Margins' and 'Unrestricted Without Margins', which remove the margins from the selected elements. These new menu items are designed to solve the problem that you and other users have reported.

- In Print Edit 9.0, the 'Save As' and 'Options' menu items have been moved to become buttons on the Print Edit toolbar.