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Four stars for now: it really IS easier than HackTheWeb (HTW).
Before FF 9 (or so) we had Aardvark. But that stopped working. Then HTW revived it. I mainly use it to "I-solate a block" before actually printing "the part of the page that holds what I need"

For that, Print Edit feels easier.

with HTW it is a multi-step process, and I ca still make the font size bigger right before actually printing. I don't find that option -yet- in Print Edit.
So yes, it is easier to do the bics, but HTW lets you add an extra step. Hence not the "maximum" stars but VERY GOOD

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (8.6.1-signed). 

Use the Format command to change the font size

You can change the font size (and many other styling features) using the Format command.

For example, you could change the font size of all the text in a web page, by doing following steps:

- click the 'Select' button, and then click 'Select All' on the drop-down menu
- click the 'Format' button to display the Format popup panel (which can be dragged to another position)
- click the down-chevron to show the 'Properties' section (if it is not already showing)
- tick the 'Font Size' checkbox and use the left/right arrows to set the font size
- tick the 'Apply to nested sub-elements' checkbox
- click the 'OK' button

Alternatively, you could change the font size of the text in just a few elements, by selecting these elements before clicking the 'Format' button.

All of your settings in the 'Format' command popup panel are remembered, so using the 'Format' command to do the same operation repeatedly is very easy.

You can use the buttons in the 'Quick Styles' section to quickly apply pre-defined combinations of format properties. The two smaller buttons set and reset all format properties.

For more information or assistance, please e-mail: dw-dev@gmx.com

Hope this is sufficient to upgrade your review to 5 stars!