pretty good, two nuisances Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

I just installed Print Edit on my office Mac and used it on the Print Edit page itself, to print out the info and instructions w/o the footer, boilerplate, etc. It worked very nicely; this is something I've been wishing for. I'll put it on my MacBook Air when I get home.

Two problems, though (maybe just one, see below) -- not serious to me -- that I wish would be fixed:
1. Print Edit pre-empts the whole Firefox window, not just the tab I'm editing. *I can't see any of my other tabs while editing for printing*, which is often something I want to do. So I have to remember to drag the tab out to a window of its own before using Print Edit.
2. Many of the sections have borders around them that weren't on the original page. ... Well, on very close inspection they were, but so pale as to be almost invisible. When I print in B&W they're a uniform pale grey. But maybe they would have been anyway, so this is very minor or zero value as an issue.

Oh, and BTW, Firefox: The email announcement had the subject line "Keep your Firefox tabs loading lightening fast". Yes, this *lightens* my *load*, but that's not what you meant, and that line as written is confusing and meaningless:

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (8.3.1-signed).