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  • It's been two weeks since installing this app, and I really, really like it! It's very easy to use. Its made possible to save pdf files of web pages which otherwise look like scrambled eggs. In fact, simply pressing the "simplify" button on the preview image will clean up many browser pages for printing.
  • Excellent concept...Its really helping me on my academic.
  • Très bon, il manque juste le focus sur une sélection. Je recommande.
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • It's perfect for cutting out large blocks of unwanted type when printing out doc. Especially useful if you only need part of a table. You can still preserve headings, etc.
  • It cuts images between two pages instead of either shrinking them or fitting them into one single page.

    Explanatory images are useless so.
  • Please take notice that neither "Page Save WE" nor "Print Edit WE" doesn't save code blocks that is hosted in Github gist pages. You can check medium.com to see problem.
  • Essa extensão faz milagre. Estava a procura de uma extensão de captura de tela, que pudesse fazer a captura de uma página inteira, que possui uma extensa sobreposição (overlay), que é o conteúdo mais importante da página. Nenhuma das extensões que baixei (Easy Screenshot da Mozilla, FireShot ou Full Web Page Screenshots, Nimbus Screen Capture e PageSaver WE Screenshot Capture Tool) conseguiu fazer o trabalho de forma adequada. Na maioria dos casos, a sobreposição era parcialmente capturada ou ignorada. Esta extensão (Print Edit WE) foi realmente capaz de capturar a sobreposição inteira corretamente, e de brinde deu a possibilidade de ocultar o fundo da página. Obrigado!

    (Se eu ativo o recurso "Web Style", passo a ter o mesmo problema das outras extensões (add-ons). A sobreposição somente é exibida completamente com a opção "Web Style" desativada. Com a opção "Web Style" ativada: https://postimg.cc/VSprBFkg ; Com a opção "Web Style" desativada: https://postimg.cc/ftv3nQv2 ; Site: http://www.arquivoestado.sp.gov.br/site/acervo/memoria_do_imigrante/pesquisa_livros_hospedaria ; Página com fundo e opção "Web Site" desativada: https://postimg.cc/kDcjwVW8 ; Ferramenta auxiliar utilizada: https://pdftoimage.com)
  • amazing and highly recommended, the bog standard page print available just does not work properly in some sites. this lifesaving tool truly solves this. well done.
  • useless only does part of a page not everything unless you scroll do another again and again so no difference to Firefox built in tools
  • Great add-on, we should all work this way now.
  • Foxfire does not support add -ons on mobile devices? Are you kidding?
  • This is the first time and I never start yet to use print-edit-we. Hopefully, after I did to using this print-edit-we, I can give my final ratings to this item. Thank you very much.
  • good