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Way! Really fast!
I decided to check by this way all my bookmarks (about 2500).
So, I created list of all my bookmarks by addon "My Bookmarks" and invoked Pinger to check this enormous amount of links. I didn't believe, that Pinger would be able to check all of them by reasonable time frame.
But it did that! It worked as gladiator, but checked all links in 48 seconds, but found a lot of time outed links. I increased the timeout to 450 seconds and repeated the check. This time he worked 198 seconds, but no link was timeouted! Bravo!
It found a lot of broken links and other problematic links, highlighted them and tried to list such links (one by one) separately.
But the list was big and only the top 20 such links I could read (the window that lists such links doesn't have scroller).
So, I have only one to ask - to add scroller to this window.
Thank you