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The migration caused some users to be unable to log in to "My Favorites" in Personas Plus and fortunately it has been fixed, and one's favorite items can rotate automatically again, with an update to both Personas Plus and Personas Rotator. Overall, Personas Plus is a good addon recommended to all.

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The migration has caused some serious issues that rendered Personas Plus (PP) and Personas Rotator (PR) unstable and even unusable.

For the sake of brevity I'll enumerate just one major issue here. The new PP fails to support a large number of saved personas in the My Favorites drop-down list under one's Addons account. If you have a small number of items such as a dozen or two in My Favorites then both PP and PR work fine as before, but if you have a significant number like a few hundreds, then PP gives up by refusing to sign in and consistently shows "Sign In to Access My Favorites." I've tested this on both of my Addons accounts and they showed the same symptom.

The developer needs to address this issue ASAP, and in the meantime I recommend that you consider another wonderful extension Persona Swticher which offers great features that can combine PP and PR in one single addon!

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