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  • 2weeks of work is almost wasted - i lost all groups...
  • As I'm always working on a few things at once, I really missed the Firefox tab groups. I was overjoyed to find this extension, and I'm happy to report it works remarkably well.
    I love how it supports my pinned tabs, and even has a dark mode.
    Photodiode, thank you so much for the time and effort you have dedicated to developing this addon. I really appreciate it.
  • I can't express how happy the discovery has made me that someone has re-established the proper panorama tab group functionality that Mozilla scrapped with the damn Quantum update. The "simple tab groups" add-on is a poor substitute if you've been spoilt with the panorama style.
    Photodiode is a bloody legend. They've even gone so far as to improve the stability of the group 'boxes' themselves, allowing you to move and re-organise everything a lot more easily without all your groups automatically resizing themselves like the old inbuilt tab group system worked. My only gripe is that when there are so many tabs in a group that the tab icons have to shrink to all fit, they lose the page title information (showing only the flavicon) and the 'close tab' cross icon, meaning you have to open the tab or resize the group in order to remove tabs. I'd love it if in a future update the cross and title could be retained, no matter how small the tabs have to be shrunk. Even the first few letters of a title are a huge help in identifying what each tab is, and would make this already great add-on even better.
  • It's great. Extremely useful.

    However there have been no commits for over a year, so it looks like this is now abandonware until someone picks up the mantle and branches the project.

    I would love to be able to drag tab groups between windows. Currently I have to keep both (or several) windows open to preserve the tab groups within.
  • I like keyboard only operation.
    What should I do after pressing Ctrl+Shift+F?
  • La mejor para organizar nuestras pestañas <3 , espero que algún día vuelva a funcionar con Firefox Aurora, ya que desde la versión 67 no está funcionando :( // The best of tab grouping plugins, I love it so much because I am a widow of Tab Groups! Sadly, this doesn't work in Firefox Aurora 67, I hope they can fix it soon (I f*** love and need this addon!!)
  • The most compelling reason to use Firefox over Chrome.
  • I've been searching for an extension like this on Chrome for a long time. I used to use a feature called "Quicktabs" on a very old version of internet explorer. I'm glad that I finally found the extension for Firefox!
  • One of the best Firefox addons!

    Could you add ability to display tab groups from other synced devices?