118 notes
  • It's great. Extremely useful.

    However there have been no commits for over a year, so it looks like this is now abandonware until someone picks up the mantle and branches the project.

    I would love to be able to drag tab groups between windows. Currently I have to keep both (or several) windows open to preserve the tab groups within.
  • I like keyboard only operation.
    What should I do after pressing Ctrl+Shift+F?
  • La mejor para organizar nuestras pestañas <3 , espero que algún día vuelva a funcionar con Firefox Aurora, ya que desde la versión 67 no está funcionando :( // The best of tab grouping plugins, I love it so much because I am a widow of Tab Groups! Sadly, this doesn't work in Firefox Aurora 67, I hope they can fix it soon (I f*** love and need this addon!!)
  • The most compelling reason to use Firefox over Chrome.
  • I've been searching for an extension like this on Chrome for a long time. I used to use a feature called "Quicktabs" on a very old version of internet explorer. I'm glad that I finally found the extension for Firefox!
  • One of the best Firefox addons!

    Could you add ability to display tab groups from other synced devices?
  • The add-on has been very useful for me, I would like it to be able to hide fixed tabs and I have presented problems with a tab that has a reproduction notification and this tab is not hidden.
  • Almost as good a Tab Groups. This is bringing back so much functionality that was lost in the leap to Firefox Quantum.
  • This is a sorely needed add-on and I am grateful that it is in development. I had been holding off coming back to Firefox after the Tab Groups add-on was unable to function with the Quantum version of FF. Even though I am now on board with FFQ I do have a few things in my wishlist:
    1. when changing tab groups Panorama View always opens the rightmost tab, I order my tab usage from Left to Right and would like the ability to select which end tab PV opens on a Group change.
    2. I have to use a separate add-on to have PV not change windows when I close the last tab on the right, my thought is this should be incorporated in PV.
    3. A method of moving a tab from one group to another group via a right click on the tab, at the moment a move to a new window is available but not what I had in mind as far as the work I do.
    4. Perhaps display the name of the tab group on the navigation toolbar instead of just the icon. (added 11/28/18)

    With that being said I feel PV is very useful and it does fill the void for me. The functioning of it in it's current state is quite good and seems stable. I have nothing but praise for the effort on this project, keep up the good work.