Good, with one annoyance. Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

The good is that it's simple and you don't need to be fiddled with have to fight it and when it works it works well, in that area it's a very pleasant surprise having used Autopager for years and fighting it more and more lately. Though PageZipper doesn't work with as many pages as one would like, even some well known ones give problems so don't expect it to work with "local" or lesser known sites unless you get lucky.

The bad, is that if you find it isn't working on a site you would like, it seems the only place to report it is on which after my experience of trying for 20 minutes just to log in with my OpenID is the worst site I have ever tried to use and would sooner take a cheese grater to my tenders than goto again.

PS, will report a site problem here since that other site is from hell
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