Does not TRULY offer KDE integration Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

Not that I don't appreciate your efforts (this is a nice-looking theme), but this doesn't ACTUALLY look like a true KDE app, despite your claims of "Consistent and coherent integration with KDE". I've looked everywhere, but haven't yet found a theme which offers TRUE integration into KDE for Firefox. This theme simply does not cut it. For demonstration, look at Firefox with this theme, and then look at Konqueror/Rekonk/any actual KDE/Qt application in existence. This theme, at best, lessens the incongruous nature of using Firefox within KDE, but does not eliminate it, which is disappointing considering this theme's purported purpose.

I cannot undestand the point of this comment.It's obvious that this is not Firefox in Qt. It's just a theme and an addon (reading even kde settings files) basically for KDE users that imitates the Oxygen theme, the default theme of KDE. You'll never find TRUE integration with a theme . It's just impossible . You should search for Firefox written in Qt ..I know there is a project but I think it's discontinued.