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  • It's been working up to Firefox 28 if I use the "checkCompatibility" extension. However in version 29 this extension turns the navigation toolbar into a mess.
  • Please update the theme. :)
    I really like it! It's a must have for all kde users!!
    Thanks a lot mate. Cheers
  • Great theme for KDE fanatics!
    Why the hell Mozilla cares only about Ubuntu and GNOME?! KDE users are half of UNIX users!
    And using XUL for application interface is bullshit. Mozilla should make Qt version for KDE and GTK+ version for GNOME.
    Oxygen KDE is a must!
  • If you are talking about http://oxygenkde.altervista.org it is quite dead. No luck on KDE-look also. Just post the link dude. This add-on is really nice, despite a few drawbacks, mentioned here by previous reviewers, and the options that did not work. It is a beta though. Most annoying are the white spaces.
    It's not dead. It will come an update in the next days , I just have to fix some compatibility issues with Firefox 22 :)
  • Who wants get it work on Firefox highten than 19, download plugin from official site. Google for it.
  • ...but please update for Firefox 21!

    Thank you!
  • Excellent!
    But please suppor FF 19.0+
  • Excelent!! Firefox looks awesome now!!
  • Not that I don't appreciate your efforts (this is a nice-looking theme), but this doesn't ACTUALLY look like a true KDE app, despite your claims of "Consistent and coherent integration with KDE". I've looked everywhere, but haven't yet found a theme which offers TRUE integration into KDE for Firefox. This theme simply does not cut it. For demonstration, look at Firefox with this theme, and then look at Konqueror/Rekonk/any actual KDE/Qt application in existence. This theme, at best, lessens the incongruous nature of using Firefox within KDE, but does not eliminate it, which is disappointing considering this theme's purported purpose.
    I cannot undestand the point of this comment.It's obvious that this is not Firefox in Qt. It's just a theme and an addon (reading even kde settings files) basically for KDE users that imitates the Oxygen theme, the default theme of KDE. You'll never find TRUE integration with a theme . It's just impossible . You should search for Firefox written in Qt ..I know there is a project but I think it's discontinued.
  • This theme looks gorgeous, I've been using it since.. I don't know, Firefox 4 maybe? However it seems to be incompatible to Firefox 13, all text input components and buttons appear flat.
  • A great looking theme! Color combos are perfect and pleasant. I'm glad I found this theme!
  • The integration is awesome. But there is just too much whitespace being wasted in dialogs and in between menu items and tab-bar height. Being a fan of compact UIs I think it can do better if you allow to set those parameters.
  • I have try Oxygen KDE 3.7 under Firefox 11 (i have edited the xpi file).
    I have seen that in this version the autohide foward button introduced in Firefox 10 does not work. You can solve this problem and maybe add compatibility with Firefox directly to you 11?
  • I tweaked by just changing the compatible version in rdf file. So, this tweaked file will support other future versions of firefox untill some radical change is made in firefox. Right now it works great with my firefox 9.0.1

    you can get it from here:

    OR use direct link:
  • Excelente! me acomoda, justo para la pantalla, ordenado, limpio, perfecto, todo un KDE
  • i updated my firefox to version 9 and unfortunately this addon is not compatible with firefox 9
  • It would be desirable to know: whether there will be an adapted version for Firefox 9 - 10.... This remarkable theme and whether working out is stopped?
  • This makes firefox on KDE look fantastic, been looking for something like this for a long time. Only problem is when using with the liveclick extension it makes it useless as all the rss links look the same colour.
  • This theme is a nice piece of art. Everything looks clear and plain. This is the theme I was waiting for. That's what I call a really good work! Keep it up!
  • Is it compatible with Windows 7 ?
  • I can't find the configuration window. Can you please tell me where I can find it. I want to try adding a personas skin.

    I have verion 8.0 from FireFox

    update: after a restart from my computer I now can see the option to change Ozygen KDE!
  • Simply perfect!
  • Looks like a lot of work went into this. I love the clean look. It almost glows. ^_^
  • a five star by a kde user. Good job
  • Very nice theme and make using Firefox in KDE a pleasure.

    I have one bug though, on Firefox 3.6. When the tab panel is full, pointing at the new tab button at the right make all the tabs jittery move fast left-to-right, until the mouse is moved away. If tab bar is not full, this does not happen. I did not have the effect with version 1.15 from which I just upgraded, but downgrading back does not help
    I can't test it right now.. I don't have Firefox 3.6 .. How about updating Firefox to the latest version? Firefox 3.6 is too old...