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  • you never heard of thunderbird ?

    strange exclusion.
  • Excellent addon but it is now available here
    for later firefox versions!

    Organize Status Bar (Revived)

    Thankyou very much webdeveloper!
  • I used to use the Organize Status Bar extension ALL the time, but I stopped using it when Mozilla removed the status bar from Firefox.

    I later discovered the Status-4-Evar extension that adds the Status Bar back to Firefox, but by that time Organize Status Bar was no longer compatible with current versions of Firefox.

    Recently I installed the FEBE extension, and even though I set it to hide its status bar icon, for some reason it kept loading on startup before disappearing several seconds later (which really annoyed me).

    Status-4-Evar could not deal with the FEBE icon because it was in that stupid locked area of the status bar (with the grey diagonal stripes) which can't be edited. I therefore searched to see if I could find another fix. I found a post that said if you install Organize Status Bar extension from the developer's own web site then it will still work even on new versions of Firefox. I was sceptical, but I tried it anyway, and to my surprise not only did it install and work correctly, but it was also able to give me full control over each individual icon in the locked (diagonal striped) uneditable part of the status bar. This allowed me to finally get rid of that annoying FEBE icon once and for all.

    Now I remember why I loved this extension so much back in the day. It does exactly what it's meant to, giving you full individual granular control over ALL status bar icons and text (not just some of them).

    A fantastic job has been done by the author of this extension.
  • I was just able to load this Add-on into the newest FF by going directly through the Author's Support Site and it DOES work! Add-on is very easy to use, too! You just have to manually allow the install process for it to go!
  • I just installed Organize Status Bar 0.6.5 from the Author site and it works for Firefox 19. It lets you hide the buttons you don't want. Unfortunately that grey striped area is still not completely customizable. But this is a good addon. I now have addon icons on the tab bar, the status bar is full and so is my vertical toolbar on the left. I'd like if someone would develop a second vertical toolbar. So far there's nothing I know of that permits 2 vertical toolbars.
  • Organize Status Bar 0.6.5 is available on the Author site.
  • small, simple and do what has to do.
    works also with FF17 (as the most add-ons do). just turn off the security warnings.
  • This add-on has been having problems with displaying certain of the FF status bar icons since FF Aurora 16 (I think).

    This is a one-of-a-kind extension that has long been abandoned and I wish that someone would pick up the code and start supporting it again. I am a big status bar person and I rely heavily on this extension to make sure that my status bar icons and buttons behave themselves. Somebody get a hold of this Y5 character and get him to give it up!
  • Working perfectly in firefox 14.
  • please update
  • OK- We actually can make this one work but that means we have to go in there and manually update the version numbers- which really sucks because the general public never will be able to do such things.

    The bottom line is it was last updated in 2009, the developer's page is down so consider this long since abandoned...

    BTW: The links to newer versions in previous reviews are all broken too. Don't waste your time!
  • Two of my absolute favorite add-ons for Firefox are "Popup Master" and "Organize Status Bar". Thank you for each of them. I don't want any profile without them.

    And I'm a graduate of Michigan, where we call the buckeyes "that school down south". Hence the "until . . ." in the Title.

    New Firefox versions have tried to force the developers' view of life on me. But I'm among those who want the information that used to be in my status bar. Call it 'Add-on Bar' if they insist, but permit me to configure it to replace the status bar I've been tweaking since Firefox 0.8

    So I'd like to know if you will continue to support these? And if other things have taken priority in your life, how can I take them on?

    Thanks for so many good experiences with your work. Loved your notes about what it is to be professional in development rather than amateur. Agree completely.
  • Very Helpful. Helped me remove a lot of useless icons from status Bar. This and UI Fixer addon make a great combination
  • 非常不错的扩展!只是为什么不更新到这里了呢?
  • I love this add-on. Please update it for 11+. Thanks
  • The latest version 0.6.5, not available here but at
    still works AOK in FF 11 as far as I can see. It's a bit hard to use, the list of stuff you can manipulate isn't very easy to interpret -- which icon is which etc.

    Some ppl argue that all this Status bar stuff is obsolete, and the Addon Bar proper should be used instead, where you can drag and arrange the extension icons as you wish. But the fact remains that many exts behave in the old fasioned way: 'Status Icons' and this is not going away any time soon.

    This addon does what it says, and there's definitely a need for it so what more can one ask for?
  • It is really usefull addon!
    Can you add additional feature to it - to create like folder where I can move some status bar elements instead of hiding them?
    This "folder" will be like status bar expander - pressing on it will pop-up menu with moved elements.
    Thanks in advance
  • After nearly a year of its being on the incompatible list, imagine my surprise when I recently opened up the Add-ons Manager and once again saw Organize Status Bar on the active list (presumably after an automatic update)! Once again my status bar looks like I want it too, rather than the mess that it had become.
  • If you are not able to install this from Mozilla, try the Support Link to install latest version. It's at least compatible with FF 10.

  • Not that the add-on bar isn't a must - this add-on isn't a must as well. Let alone there's no support since FF 8. At least we the creator could let us know.
  • This is a really great extension but it hasn't been updated for FF 8 let alone FF 9 which I'm now using. Hope the author hasn't abandoned it and just hasn't been paying attention. I also love 'Menu Editor' which lets me customize context menus. Super!
  • @ballyhairs,
    Click "我要安装!" button and then you can install Addon Upgrade Helper.
    The website is also http://mozilla.com.cn/selections/addon/127/
  • please update for Firefox 8
  • @Champs-Élysées,
    What kind of link is that?

    Author, please make it work with Firefox 8
  • Hey I think it would be nice to add an option for a multi-row status bar, so there is room for more or in some cases room for status bar icons that take up a lot of space.

    I'm sure a lot of people run into the problem that all their status bar icons won't fit on the bar at the same time.

    It would be nice if all developers let people put the icon ware they want(statusbar, toolbar, menu,etc.) but a lot of developers just don't.