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When I first discovered the mycroft project and just how many search engines it is possible to have created for firefox...I have made a few myself over there, in short, any site that has a search box, can have a search engine entry in firefox! So many people I talk to just do not know this it's amazing.
After a while I was really starting to think I must limit myself to maybe ten or twenty or thirty search engines as the list of them was so long and it was getting to be irritating having to go right to the bottom of the list every time I wanted one of the lesser used ones, etc.
Then I found this extension!
The reason I say people NEED this in the title is that, if everyone realised that they can have all of their favourite sites in the search box in firefox, then they would have so many in there that this extension would be as much a part of firefox as tabbed browsing.
It is invaluable.
I suppose I should say something about the actual practical points of it?
Well its simple enough: It lets me create folders for each category of search engines I have and I can drag and drop each engine's entry, or the folder, to wherever I like in the drop down search list.
It doesn't freeze up, never crashes the browser, never gets in the way.
It is simply perfect!
Get it and head over to mycroft and see what you can find...

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (1.4).