Totally broken Pas encore évalué

I was thrilled to find this add-on. What a brilliant idea. After spending 10 minutes neatly organizing my 35 or so search engines into categories, I clicked Okay. Now two of those folders I had made showed up as empty. Some of my search engines had been lost! *sigh* So I went to Mycroft to reinstall the ones I could remember, but Firefox said No, you can not install that search engine because it is already installed. I opened up the Manage Search Engines dialog box to see if I could find the invisible search engines, but I couldn't. So I clicked Cancel, and Firefox crashed! Argh. I relaunched Firefox, opened the Manage Search Engines dialog box again, still missing! I clicked Cancel again, and Firefox crashed again. Argh!!! So it gets uninstalled. What a shame, it was a great idea.

Cette critique est pour une version précédente du module (1.0).