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  • As substitute:
    paste this into the userChrome.css
    #editBookmarkPanel #editBMPanel_rows > row[collapsed="true"] { visibility: visible !important; }

    regards to RedHat71 from #firefox IRC
  • Unfortunately, even the eternal version won't let me open or close a branch in the tree by clicking on the triangle in front of it. I have to click the hide/show button twice to enable opening or closing a branch. Cumbersome. Add Bookmark Here 2 doesn't seem to work on Firefox 17 (OS X 10.6.8) either.
  • Most of the bookmarks-related options of this add-on should be implemented directly on Firefox because they're really basic! It's a pity that the maxVersion parameter of the add-on isn't updated to support new versions of Firefox without hacks. It works perfectly on Firefox 16.
  • A life saver, one of the most useful add-ons ever! Especially with the below link to the eternal version.
  • Modified version. If this quits working after an update to Firefox just re-install the add-on.
    For Firefox 3 - 99 :)
  • This is a great plugin for anyone who uses Firefox's native bookmarks. It is working for Firefox 13 on both OS X, Windows 7 and XFree86 on linux - only when the plugin is downloaded and modified. If it was properly updated for latest versions of Firefox it would receive a 5 star rating.

    To be able to use this plugin in recent versions of firefox, the plugin can be downloaded from this URL:

    Afterwards you need to change the maxVersion variable in the install.rdf so it meets the current Firefox version. Please google for a complete guide to this.
  • There's a little hack in userChrome.css (you just create this file and paste the contents in and restart Firefox).
    Works for me and I like it better than hacking an old extension. I just need the keyword adding from the address bar. I don't know if OpenBook did anything more than that but this is all I need.
  • Modified version. If this quits working after an update to Firefox just re-install the add-on.
  • Yep, this should be a default functionality in Firefox.

    Make it work in ANY version of Firefox:

    1. Unzip the .xpi file
    2. Edit the file 'install.rdf'
    3. Look for the line 'em:maxVersion="xx" />'
    4. Replace the 'xx' with whatever number you want, I needed it to work in FF 10.x so I replaced the xx with a 20 :p
    5. Zip the folder again
    6. You may have to change the extension from .zip to .xpi
    7. Install: Drag and drop on Firefox or Open File

    That's it.
  • Agreed, this is best addon ever.
    In the meantime, install Stylish
    Then try one of these:
  • Please, oh please, resurrect this extension so it will work with recent versions of Firefox.

    The fact that this and one other add-on wouldn't work has been my main reason for staying with FF3 for so long.

    I can't believe how awful the standard save bookmark dialog is and the prospect of having to live with it again is really depressing.

    Is there ANY chance? Is there any alternative?
  • While the latest version of OpenBook doesn't exactly support Firefox 7, there are a couple tricks that make it work to get around the pitiful bookmark-storing procedure of pure Firefox. As others have remarked, editing the "install.rdf" file in the "openbook-" install file to increase the "em:maxVersion" to something like 7.+ will permit OpenBook to install.

    Then using another trick is called for. Trying to store a bookmark from the usual screen will result in the expanded OpenBook bookmark-store page showing only the top part that displays over the menu and tabs, and truncating the part that would overlay the web page display area. This makes OpenBook much less useful if where you want to store your bookmark is in the undisplayed part of the bookmark tree. To avoid this, press F11 to go full-screen, and then Ctrl+D will bring up the OpenBook display of the bookmark tree in full. It's a bit cumbersome, but surely beats the standard Firefox bookmark-store peephole.
  • Amazingly useful extension that I've used ever since Firefox 1.0. It still works well in Firefox 5 despite not being updated in almost three years. I'm a little worried with the rapid release system that at the some point this extension will break, but for now everything works as long as you disable compatibility check.
  • Changing the version number in the install.rdf file as described in tmtisfree's (and others') instructions below still works fine for me in the Mac version of FF5. (See https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/openbook/reviews/273168/ for details. ) I'm thrilled that I can still use this add-on! I hate FF's Add Bookmark dialog box as it is — which is why I'm giving OpenBook five stars even though it hasn't been updated for quite a while.
  • Doesn't seem to be working properly with FF5 after bumping the max version -- can't get a bookmark's Properties, can't click and drag in the menu.
  • An extension I can't live without. Well that's a stretch, but I wanted it badly enough to to follow tmtisfree's instructions below to get it to work with FF4. Didn't realize that's how you do it. I actually made max version 99 instead of 4.* since FF will come out with higher versions rapidly now.
  • Compatibilité (prêt à l'emploi) avec FF4 ici :
  • works with FF4 even better then FF3
  • Excellent tmtisfree! Worked like a charm! I'm so happy to be able to get OpenBook working in FF4.
  • Works great in Firefox 4.0.
    To use this module in FF4.0, rename it as a .zip file (ie "openbook-" to "openbook-"), extract and edit the file "install.rdf" as follows: locate the line "em:maxVersion="3.*" />" and change it as "em:maxVersion="4.*" />". Save, replace the original "install.rdf" file in the .zip archive, rename the .zip in .xpi and load it in FF4. Enjoy.
  • Love'it, like it - is there a update coming?
    By the way - still works nice in my 3613.
  • This extension works as advertised and very useful.
    As for Lancefire Bakerfox try restarting Fx after setting any options in this Addon.
  • This makes saving bookmarks so much easier! I love this add-on. Unfortunately it doesn't work with the latest Firefox yet.. and I have to suffer with a small little window to scroll through to find the right folder. What a difference. I hope there are plans to upgrade soon!
  • Resizer does not appear, and that is the main reason I would use this. IT IS USELESS!