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  • browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent is crap! It opens next to tab no matter what, now it's another problem and not a fix!

    Last updated: 2017, Obviously abandoned by now, but I would like to update this add-on to use 'middle mouse button' to open at end and 'right mouse buton' to open next to current. I'm guessing this is impossible thanks to the limations of webapi?
  • Does't work on lollipop
  • many thanks
  • Dzięki, działa znakomicie. W końcu nie trzeba przewijać całego paska z kartami na sam koniec.
  • When I close several tabs and then restore them using Ctrl+Shift+T, they are opened in random places.
  • thanx for pointing to the procedure in quantum
  • I'm using Android tablet. This extension does nothing. All my new tabs go to the end of the line
  • Everytime i did "Crash Recovery" with the addon MySessions,tabs order is in chaos.Restored session is in reversed order or wrong order .Can you help to make this addon restore sessions in right order?
  • Totally needs support for `restoring closed tabs`
  • This add-on breaks the ordering of tabs on "Undo Close Tab" command
  • Very useful.
  • I use firefox so i don't need this add-on anymore..but i should be verry verry thankful to you guys fo making our browsing experience more comfortable ^^
  • Since Firefox 61 version there is "browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent" option in about:config appeared. Finally! Thanks to developers, and it worked for me so I disabled extension. But could be even better if there were checkbox option in visual interface for regular users.
  • This has been a saviour of my sanity when dealing with lots of tabs, but now the public version of FireFox includes a 'browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent' in about:config which makes this extension redundant. But before removing, I wanted to thank the dev for their work in creating this when there was no other option. Cheers.