85 critiques pour ce module
  • This add-on breaks the ordering of tabs on "Undo Close Tab" command
  • Very useful.
  • I use firefox so i don't need this add-on anymore..but i should be verry verry thankful to you guys fo making our browsing experience more comfortable ^^
  • Since Firefox 61 version there is "browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent" option in about:config appeared. Finally! Thanks to developers, and it worked for me so I disabled extension. But could be even better if there were checkbox option in visual interface for regular users.
  • This has been a saviour of my sanity when dealing with lots of tabs, but now the public version of FireFox includes a 'browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent' in about:config which makes this extension redundant. But before removing, I wanted to thank the dev for their work in creating this when there was no other option. Cheers.
  • Does what it says on the tin, highly recommended for anyone wanting to keep their tabs in check.
  • Does exactly what it says, nothing more nothing less.
  • Literally registered here just to rate this add-on and say that this is second most useful add-on after adblock
  • FireFox 52 = Doesn't work while other windows are being loaded it6 attaches to last LOADING window and Loads the new tab beside it. NOT from the Primary Tab
  • @moziloper:

    There is no such option:

    There is only:
    (and the DEFAULT for that option is "TRUE", so there's no need to modify...)
  • works like magic
  • Works well, great little add-on!
  • I think this extension only simplifies the manual inclusion of this option: "browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent"

    This can be done manually using two steps:
    1. Type in the address bar: "about:config?filter=browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent".
    2. Set to "true" by double click on it.

  • Really need the extension. Thanks to author
  • Not working on my tablet
  • Very useful!!! Yet, if open a new tab when there are already lots of tabs (when you have to scroll to see the tabs outside the current view), all the tabs automatically scroll leftward together from the current view. Is it possible to fix the problem and not let the tabs scroll? Thank you!
  • Works very well for me. Thanks. :)
  • 帮助我找回了原本的使用习惯。。。。
  • No problems, works great.
  • this add-on is what I've been look for for AGES!
  • Just what I need and was the only reason why I use Chrome. Now I can use FF!
  • Nightly 60是不是失效了
  • Does not work on Firefox for Android
  • Life saver for me. Thanks a lot
  • ThankYouThankYouThankYou! I've been searching for multiple addons to replace some of the functionality from TMP and this helps tremendously!