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  • I have explicitly visit spam, virus, and torrent sites that open a gazillion pages in the background and so far, the comodo app has reported Zero,nada.
  • ok
  • I love this extension. Best one for security that I have used.
  • Super!
  • Отличная работа, все работает как надо!!
    Hi Victor,

    Thank you for your valuable feedback

    Sincerely yours
    Comodo Extension Development Team
  • Would you please give me a link or website to check whether your Add-ons is working or not ?
    Hi Pritam,

    Please visit our analysis service to check last malicious urls:

    You can find malicious link list under Phishing Urls section

  • It's unobtrusive at least. How well it does its job I don't have an idea. It's just comfortable seeing it there.
    Thank you!

    Sincerely yours
    Comodo Extension Development Team
  • Good at first impression but please:
    - The icon must be gray when the extension is disabled otherwise the user can forget;
    - The icon must be green when the extension is normally activated;
    - The icon must be red in case of malicious site.
    Hi HappySurf,

    Please check latest update. We have a surprise for you.

    Thank you
  • Seems good so far and non intrusive, but, yet to test it properly.
  • If only Comodo can add a link scanner which rates the webpage before you click the link. It would be the best
  • Use together with Malwarebytes BETA extension ( and clickbait must turned off ). Why Comodo Dragon browser dont let add Duck Duck Go search engine? Antivirus is good, Firewall is best.
  • I feel safe with this add-on. Great job COMODO! From Republic of Korea.
  • Real-time protection from online threats and phishing websites
    Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Sincerely yours
    Comodo Cyber Security
  • Doesn't stop dangerous links, and tried to change my homepage and search engine to Yahoo (Comodo was always in the url when this happened). The anti-virus is great, but this certainly isn't.

    OSP doesn't change the search or homepage, you haven't added Yahoo right?