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  • I'm currently working with an HP Omen desktop running Win 10 Home version with 8 GB's of RAM. I use One Tab in conjunction with MemInfo from Carthago Software. MemInfo is a fairly simple memory monitoring and cleaning app. Every once in a while one or more Firefox tabs goes "runaway" and gobbles up (as an example) 3.23 GB's of RAM. This usually happens after having multiple tabs open for lengthy periods of time. MemInfo allows me to free up the memory from the offending tab(s) individually. Then along came One Tab - this extension allows me to click on it's funnel icon, wait a few seconds (usually less than a minute) for all the RAM used by the tabs to free up. When I "Restore All" the tabs come back with their usual and customary maximum of two or three hundred MB's of RAM use. I do like One Tab. I use One Tab and MemInfo as complementary programs. Each has their unique uses, but both are designed to cut down on RAM usage. Perhaps, one bright sunny day, Mozilla will fix that little problem Firefox has with runaway tabs turning into RAMsuckers. Until that day arrives One Tab and MemInfo will keep me going.
  • "Bring All Tabs into OneTab" loses all your tabs from other windows and the developers have known the loss that occurs for many many months, if not years. Used to be My Favorite extension.
  • I installed it to help me manage my 50+ tabs that I have unloaded, then it proceeds to LOAD ALL OF THEM. To avoid crashing my computer, I had to close my browser, and when I re-open my browser, ALL MY TABS WERE GONE. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH FUCKING BACKTRACKING I HAVE TO DO.
  • the REALLY BEST ++ WORTHY one for 2 years !!!!
  • There's definitely those times when you get so engaged in a project that you wind up in a spiraling rabbit hole of links and your tabs get cluttered to all hell. You can't close it because then you'll lose all your progress, but you need to shut down the computer or at least kill your browser. OneTab definitely helps maintain order in the madness and I use it each and every day.
  • A pretty neat way to not say "This tab is important I'll need to go back". Now my computer can hear the sound of peace. There are some things I would like, maybe a way to save some sites for offline use, but it is a great, one of a kind experience. It also made me realize that leaving five-star reviews isn't just for robots trying to make some Foreign adware look good.
  • I used this for Chrome and since I switched over to Firefox I need to have it. This a very handy app.
  • The one-click feature is nice as well as releasing the memory and cpu resources required to keep tabs open. The management is ok, i can work with it. The one downside to this is losing your backward/forward history. I was on the fence between 3 and 4 stars but I decided to give the developers the benefit of a doubt.