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  • 1. It is easier to use than bookmarks
    2. By using the import function users can create new groups
    What I would like to see changed is to add the ability to export all URLs to a document file retaining the group names
  • una mierda
  • It's hard to explain how much of a quality of life difference it makes just being able to create dated groups of links for my tab sets rather than leaving them open as tabs that I will hypothetically get to at some point in the future. If you're not a So Many Tabs person you wouldn't understand. If you are, try this. Don't forget: you can export your data to carry it between instances of the add-on!
  • At pressing "Restore all" bad things happen:
    - Locked tabs are lost;
    - Some not-locked tabs are lost, too;
    - Some tabs are re-open in new windows rather than new tabs;
    Firefox 62 (64-bit)
  • Very handy tool, save memory & prevent me to bookmark pages for later
  • Easy way to quickly bookmark and close large numbers of open tabs. Many useful options, including the ability to share saved links as a web page. Highly recommended.
  • Do yourself a favour and never install this extension.
  • Nice addon, but please add options to choose the action of OneTab icon (Send all tabs, Send only this tab, Send all tabs except this one, ...)
  • That feel of having exactly what you dreamed of and the developpers are having the same good ideas you even didn't think to ask for... A little add-on that is absolutely fundamental to me, one of the first I install when I set up a new Firefox somewhere (please Mozilla, if OneTab Team is ok with that, consider integrating it in next versions of FF).
  • After using it for months/years, I lost a whole lot of unrecoverable tabs.
    With no warnings at all, yesterday it deleted all my tabs information and now I can't recover it :(
    To quote another user: "Second time I am losing a whole lot of unrecoverable tabs.
    And usually when I don't like something I just uninstall and move on with my life. But this time is different.
    I feel like I have to WARN people because OneTab fails to do so. If you have a sub-par extension, either fix it(automatically backup? support recovery?), take it down or include a Disclaimer that your extension should be used only for casual usage.

    Because anyone who actually wants to keep their sh*t should definitely STEER AWAY from this extension."
  • useless....
  • No brainer - now on Firefox and Chrome. Hope to see it on Opera as I test all browsers.
  • So simple and deeply useful. Either when I'm doing a bit of research and collect a pile of tabs open, or when I am flitting about between several different topics. Why isn't this a core feature of the browser?
  • simply the best
  • 老用户了,必须支持
  • Very simple and effective idea to better organise your tabs, thanks.
  • Cool.
  • though I love the app and it actually did what it said.. Though I think one thing that should be added that will be also easy to implement for oneTab is to let user add a description for the link they have just added to their one tab list, which makes it easy for user to remember anything if he wants to save about that url .. something like notes
  • It is simple to use, doesn't get in the way, the developers' website is clean and pleasant to read. And the developers aren't asking for money or even registration. Almost perfect.
  • Works but buggy for example it doesn't pin and also doesn't stay where it should be in the tab order. Doesn't work at all in Android Firefox
  • I lost all my tabs after launched this extension.
  • Bonsoir, Très pratique extension, malheureusement j'ai dû retirer 1 étoile suite à de nombreux bugs suite auxquels je m'estime heureuse si tous les onglets (leur adresse évidemment) ne partent pas tous ! Ce qui m'est déjà arrivé à bien trop de reprises dont la dernière en date d'il y a 2/3 jours... J'avoue qu'à ce moment, je peste ferme contre tous !!! Le jour où ces bugs n'arriveront plus, la 5ème étoile sera placée au plus vite.Si vous aviez le temps de rectifier ce qui ne va pas afin que cela n'arrive plus, je vous en serai immensément reconnaissante, soyez-en certain. Je vous remercie déjà du temps que allez y consacrer; à défaut, après un délai raisonnable, je me verrai dans l'obligation de choisir une extension plus fiable, et ce, même si la vôtre est plus pratique. Je dois pouvoir me fier aux extensions que j'utilise quotidiennement, j'espère que vous comprenez ! Je me permets de compter sur vous. Je reste dans l'attente d'une réaction de votre part ...
  • links' icons are broken.
  • よく行くサイトをまとめて登録しておけば、非常に簡単に行けるのがいい。